Dismantela Poder Elite: Eugène Godfried

Eugene Godfried 1-2019

Eugène Godfried: “Nan (élite dominante) meta tabata mantené privilegionan pa representantenan di Gran Kapital aki den nos pais, ku ta esnan ku ta korompí  e sistema politiko manera nan kier. No ta importá ni interesá nan estado di bienestar sosial, kultural, ekonómiko, edukashon ni salú di nos pueblo.”

Peter Tosh Challenging dutch colonialism


I have seen him refuse to accept a gold record in Holland, emblematic of his achievements, because he was dissatisfied with the circumstances under which it was presented and what he considered dutch colonialism in the Antilles. -Herbie Miller former manager of Peter Tosh



Casino Krueldat, Economy Eugenics

Avila hotel anti-Casino

Nic Moller the late owner of the ‘prestigious’ Avila hotel Curacao taking an anti-black economic genocide stance: I never wanted a casino in my hotel. I’ve seen how all hotels had casinos and how the local population especially [black] mothers went out gambling inside the casino and left their kids in the lobby of the hotel. And they would lose all their money. I realized that wasn’t something for me.

Mac Alberto – Mensahe pa Kapitalismo Krioyo

dinamit Mac Alberto 1971 feb 11

11 di februari 1971 ta tin e alegashon ku Mac Alberto presidente di sindikato BTG a drenta sala di reunion di Kamera di Komersio hostina ku un pakete di dinamit pa anunsia e marionetanan di e elite ku kapitalismo krioyo ta matando e klase trahado pretu na Korsou i ku un djis abolishon di e negoshi neokolonial di sklabisa hende lo bira un realidat nobo.

Papa Godett


Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett: “The racial element in local politics is not new. When I emphatically  focus on the black population I do it not to discriminate but to identify with the large masses who are black in Curaçao. They have the biggest needs. That’s where the misery is at: unemployment, hunger, deplorable housing.  I’m in solidarity whit the black population and when I bring this things on tv it’s to give black people a sense of pride and self confidence.”

In Memory of Amado Römer


Amado Römer: “The philospophy about independence is usually completely coupled to the financial-economic situation and that I find fully degenerative. The people here say: If something happens then we can always fall back on the Netherlands. ….There’s never been any socioplotical educatio, not during the colonial period, neither during the post-colonial period. But for me independence the sooner, the better.”

Peter Stuyvesant Fell A Long Time Ago In Curaçao


The entrapments of Dutch white violence through labor, education, religion, politics and corporate power has never made it easy to break out from the colonial subject syndrome but by crushing white idolatry symbols that glorify the enslavement of Africans sparked many to revolt against or consider to either question or rebel on the sly against the foul structural imprisonment of black souls in Curaçao. Helmin Wiels  in 2011 played a key part in the removal of the Peter Stuyvesant statue from a public school and it revealed decolonizing gateways to escape.