100 Aña MCB


Bo banku amigu no por selebra ku nan a duna bekanan na YDK pretu pa bai studia periodismo finansiero inbestigativo. Den un siglo di historia bankario MCB nunka a mira e balor pa krea pilarnan di prensa ku por kontrola, kuestiona i akshona riba e weganan di bankonan na Korsou. Kens nan ta anto, muchu okupa ku partimentu di karchi n’e muchanan pa LITO film festival ..[?]

Dutch Enslavement of Black People Was and Still Is Profitable

Dutch white enslavement reparations 1863

The widow of Abraham de Veer received reparations money for the loss of economic-financial gain when slavery was abolished in 1863. The De Veer family build their white wealth throughout the centuries from various positions of power in Curacao:

-slave owners

– governor

– member of the colonial council

– merchant

– shipping and trading commerce

– Metacorp port services

– real estate

– board member Maduro & Curiels Bank

– owner hotel Renaissance

– owner of The Movies & The Cinemas

A classic example of how black financial genocide gets down to this day in 2016

Banks and White Financial Power: A Pact To Exploit the Future of Blackness in Curaçao

Fuck Jewish Financial enslavement Curacao MCB

Facts are that commercial banks are institutions of financial whiteness. Spaces where the fate of a majority black Curacao is being decided by mostly white Curacaoans or financial whiteness educated players. Questioning the status quo is not an option for the black bank professionals. A tiny white elite of Jewish, Dutch, white creole descent dominating the economic and financial structures sitting on the racial exclusion throne.