Blackface Bondage & The Hell of dutch white hatred

ZP is Nazi

“Positional honour allowed white people to experience “a form of pleasure in one’s body which is achieved through humiliation of the [black person].” All whites could extract race-pleasure from black people regardless of whether they performed submission or not. In fact, race-pleasure was enhanced, I argue, especially when a black person refused to perform submission. The brutal reality of slavery was never merely the labour extracted from the enslaved, but rather it lay in asserting ownership over and the limitless consumption of “the energizing capacity of blackness” itself. ” ~ Egbert Alejandro MartinaGeographies of Freedom

Black people’s lives in the netherlands and the Caribbean should never be a costume of dutch white hyper plunder joy. Our pain and sufferation will enforce a mourning of the continuous hatred and hell endured.


The Reparations Mathematics of Freddy Antersijn

Freddy Antersijn Reparations
“380 years in Curaçao they tried to deceive everybody, the people, their minds, their thoughts about their own enemy. They brainwash you, they programmed Curaçaoans to venerate their own enemies. I’ve calculated already that for the 380 years the dutch colonizers have occupied our island, I charge them 1.2 billion per year. They have to pay €456 billion.” —Freddy Antersijn doing the Black financial literacy rebellion math on what reparations calculations owed to Black people in Curaçao for dutch enslavement and colonization could look like. In 2012 this reparatory equity demand was personally made known at the office of the representative of the dutch government with a cordial request to inform queen Beatrix, the senate, the parliament and the dutch public in general to get them reparations coins ready.

Money Laundering Capriles Bank – MCB (1)

Money Laundry Capriles Bank

Chicu Capriles kapitan dje barku di katibunan finansiero tabata ganando 3 % riba kada transakshon den e merkado di labamentu di dollar. Famia Grynzstein (hudieu Ashkenazi) a traha un fortuna riba radar di 547 mion florin ku asistensia di banko Maduro (hudieu sefardiko). Un akuerdo mionario entre ministerio publiko i MCB no a bira publiko ainda. Ta yega un momentu ku un instituto finansiero ku ta hortando biones di florin for di un pueblo pretu lo no por kumpra su libertat i lo mester sufri un kastigu popular i paga bek tur e plaka i fortuna roba for di siglonan pasa.

djuglum djuglum
bedje bedje bedje
bati bati bati
ketu bai
dushi asina

The Killings of dutch royal whiteness

dutty dutch dance

Joyful hearts, glowing faces,pridefulness eyes
the queen would soon see them move their hips
and feets in folkloric regalia. Reppin’ the Caribbean.
It was their moment to shine. A desire coming into

Ambulance sirens, chaotic screams of pain and fatality
bloody mucus intervened fate and stained the asfalt.
Sacrifical blood of Frido, born and raised in Korsou.
Wilfrido Plantijn a black human shield saved the lives of
the royal Orange-Nassau family.
Queen beatrix, the white savior monarch stayed alive.
And Frido died.
A suicide car attack, miscalculated.

The funeral costs never paid by queen bitch beatriki
No financial penitence for his life lost and loved ones
The tickets for his wife and kids for his homecoming in Curacao
were never paid by the royal dutch billionaires.
The wounded that kept their breath never saw compensation
for the trauma experienced 10 years ago.

The hurtfulness of coloniality: They still wear orange paying
homage to the new royal highness. After the reality checks of
racial and class foolery. After the inescapable disdain for human life
After the after-lives of colonized idolatry avenges itself and composes
a melody of death.

rei Mortifika

Rei Morto

Djawelo no sa hode ku hende bibu:
Kudjo ta subi seru pushando su krenwá
yena ku herment. Awe ta pampel ela bai traha.
Sigá den skina di su boka,huma diki dekolonisado
ta siensa e bario. Un komunidat sin banderanan kora,
blanku, blou. Niun paña oraño, niun zumbi paramilitar
politiko lembedo kas real ta grita: “Biba rei Welmu”
te eternidat. Niun lo sobrebibi aki i sali
sin kara brongosá. Kriansanan kolonial rogando
pe dianan di oubade por bini bek.
Obediensa sobrenatural diosifikando
un monarka makamba. Un distopia dobel doloroso,
mas pio kasi e nor por bira. Alaba un malbat ku a horta biones for di un pueblo Karibense pa drai riba un onderstant mionario danki na nos inosensia konstitushonal, huridiko? No. Nunka.

Si nan no ta bringando kolonialismo ulandes,
nan ta selebrando.
si nan no ta agita kontra kolonialismo ulandes,
nan ta selebrando.
si nan no ta duna un plato di pensamentu,
nan ta selebrando

Ras Mozes mahestuoso moviendo den Punda ku
su baiskel kosmologiko pretu. Bandera di Korsou
huntu ku esun di ulanda. Kos ta komplika.
Borchi ta saka un boroto sismologiko:
“Rei Welmu ta ilegal sinta riba e trono.”