Casinos are weapons of black financial genocide

casinos-black financial genocide-cURACAO

Casinos in Curacao are weapons of black financial genocide. 90% of 361 million florins circulating inside the gamble industry comes out of pockets of the low income black workingclass. 97% is owned by non-black casino business barons.

Peter Stuyvesant Fell A Long Time Ago In Curaçao


The entrapments of Dutch white violence through labor, education, religion, politics and corporate power has never made it easy to break out from the colonial subject syndrome but by crushing white idolatry symbols that glorify the enslavement of Africans sparked many to revolt against or consider to either question or rebel on the sly against the foul structural imprisonment of black souls in Curaçao. Helmin Wiels  in 2011 played a key part in the removal of the Peter Stuyvesant statue from a public school and it revealed decolonizing gateways to escape.