New Colonial Dictionary: Political Corruption

New Colonial Dictionary - Political Corruption.jpg

Dutch governments been talking about strengthening democracies in their Caribbean colonies but have been structurally refusing to invest money in journalism courses, scholarships, media accountability mechanisms. Its a classic example of political dutch corruption denying Black impoverished people access to critical people power and therefore deliberately sabotaging their future in setting up independent media outlets to advance their interests of equity

Dutch Enslavement of Black People Was and Still Is Profitable

Dutch white enslavement reparations 1863

The widow of Abraham de Veer received reparations money for the loss of economic-financial gain when slavery was abolished in 1863. The De Veer family build their white wealth throughout the centuries from various positions of power in Curacao:

-slave owners

– governor

– member of the colonial council

– merchant

– shipping and trading commerce

– Metacorp port services

– real estate

– board member Maduro & Curiels Bank

– owner hotel Renaissance

– owner of The Movies & The Cinemas

A classic example of how black financial genocide gets down to this day in 2016

Erich Zielinski – Financial Sovereignty


Erich Zielinski on how Dutch enslavement and colonization causes debt: The debt of the country (Netherlands Antilles) is not the debt of Curacao.. The debt of the country is a debt of the Dutch kingdom. The Dutch state is free to erase this debt or to hold the Dutch responsible for it.

Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba



Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba

E bentaha di kolonialismo ulandes ta ku ela produsi hende ku ta bai studia lei, gradua komo hurista, abogado, agita kontra atrosidatnan kolonial pero semper ninga di defende e pueblo aki pa medio di nan konesementu huridiko estatal i hiba estado NL dilanti mesa berde.

Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba

Boutisa den sinberguenseria Amparo i su ruman multi-mionario Robbie Dos Santos no por habri band’i Coshel un supermerkado koperativa ku ta ofrese produktonan barata pa pueblo por alimenta nan mes. Kombiertiendo 5% di su ofisinanan di number den koperativa ku lo duna e ganashi bek na e bario tampoko lo mira lus di dia.

Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba

E ira di imposibilidat ta halando rosea den presidente di Banko Sentral, den su reinado di un kwart siglo e no a interesa su mes pa inberti den un programa eskolar di edukashon finansiero. Regimen di asosashon di bankonan no ta permiti pa eksisti un nashon di hende pretu ku ta kuida nan saku.

Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba

Ni maske sigi hinka rudia pa Gregory Elias e no ta bai revela kon pa drai e negoshi di offshore pa muchanan di Ser’i Papaya tambe por gara miones, niun tayer agendà pa komparti konesementu kon ta krea fortuna.

Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba

Palasio di gobernado pesta ku spokinan supmiso di tempunan aya suplando den su orea pa legumai e tentashon di bira soberbe i supversivo kontra korona i kasnan santu.

Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba
Kueru Kurasoleño, Maskara Makamba

Remembering Helmin, Hero of Decolonization

–This article first appeared on May 6, 2014 for Caribbean Worldwide Network–

The short lived fable that Curaçao instantly would establish an affluent nation after the October 10, 2010 dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles, unchaining herself from the guardian responsibility of the smaller sister islands St.Maarten, Saba, St. Eustia and Bonaire was bound to end as it was constructed upon the ruins of deception of political and corporate leadership in the Dutch Caribbean orchestrated by the kingdom government in the Hague, Netherlands. The so-called negotiations for the magical 10-10-10 constitutional reform which for most of the times were led by political parties representing the old power elite -who never intended to democratize their distribution channels of wealth- favored to trade political autonomy for $1.7 billion debt relief resulting in an ordinary Dutch neo-colonialism sweetheart deal. They supervise the country’s finances and justice department and Curaçao gets a muzzled autonomous governmental voice until their budget management skills internalized the neoliberal IMF/Worldbank standards.

The media outlets ruled by economic interests never ceased the propaganda and manipulation to shift the attention away from the anti-colonial activism rivals, the easy way out has always been the beggars route and never the path of holding the Netherlands and the creole elite accountable for their decolonialization fiasco of all the six islands including Aruba. This Dutch historical financial wreckage of their Caribbean territories never received scrutiny from political and academic spaces to shape new ways of decolonial thinking before making life impacting decisions like the 10-10-10 juncture. Especially right now when the Caribbean community member states (CARICOM) is stratagizing their 10 point reparations plan seeking a “moral, ethical and legal case for the payment of
reparations by the former colonising European countries to the nations and people of the Caribbean, for native genocide, the transatlantic slave trade and a racist system of chattel slavery.”
Until 10-10-10 the periods of emancipatory adminstrations were extremely rare, the elections won by MFK, MAN and Pueblo Soberano ushered a new era where parliament member Helmin Wiels as an independentista leader in a forced lesser evil coalition attempted to consolidate this historic opportunity and govern via his ministers with a sovereign blackness swing. Under his hourglass the power elite emotions flared up as discussions were raised that Afro-Curaçaoan culture is the dominant culture, the statue of Peter Stuyvesant the peg-legged 1642-44 governor of Curaçao the Dutch West Indian Company’s symbol of Dutch slavery got removed and the secondary pre-university school that carried his name got renamed after the sociologist Jandi Alejandro Paula amid 21st century colonial minded protests. Free education for secondary schools got implemented. Scholarships were given for colleges and universities in the region to combat the Dutch braindrain of hundreds of students leaving yearly for the Netherlands. Unashamedly agitating against the colonial racist drone blackface Zwarte Piet fest underscoring the miseducational element of breeding black inferiority feelings. Meanwhile his daily evening radio programs where he would concentrate on political education, geo-politics, slavery, colonialism and the cultural fabric it weaved into Curaçaoan society. People got more mouthy, analyzing the media moguls, colonial propaganda, learning labor rights, criticizing Dutch white supremacy, organizing and mobilizing, taking up health advice.

His social work experience and instincts earned by sustaining the destitute in the parishes of the low income working class for the governmental department of culture urged him to develop a vision to invest into his peoples by initiating them into an educational program of the history of black, political, economical, cultural and social struggle in Curaçao converting them in designers of their own destiny.

People say May 5th, 2013 is considered a day that Curacao lost its innocence when the highly esteemed politician was assassinated on the beach of Marie Pompoen, a neighborhood Wiels grew up in close to the city district Punda. A year has passed and it seems we haven’t succeeded -yet- to shake off the post-traumatic stress disorder.

The everyday peoples champ charm and folkloric creole up in your face gospel giving the low-down of the creole white and black elite’s power structures was what captured the affection of the underprivileged masses. If you have sufficient socio-political clout to bring forth big changes you automatically attract forces that wish to put you in a pine box. The power hungry will insist to shed blood when their financial interests are endangered by
determined minds like Wiels that vowed to fight corruption to redistribute the ill-gotten riches
among his beloved struggle class.
Even though his reputation for the last 2,5 years was clouded by a list of minor ideological missteps his untimely death has made people that used to curse, pray to see him beaten up wail and weep. His family and supporters are still mourning the transitioning of a prototype powerful Afro-Curaçaoan leader that dignified the downtrodden bottom people, on a mission to equalize the socio-economic fortunes and uplift them out of Black self-hate to become critical active shining citizens in an independent Curaçao.

”Raising awareness can be experienced as threatening. When you keep people ignorant, you can manipulate and stay in power but the moment people start overstanding who the powerful are and how they operate you get a power passage which is impossible to escape from.” Having seen so much unnecessary poverty on the island within a filthy rich Dutch kingdom Wiels observed that these poor conditions were “like everything else, a symptom. Inequality is the real problem in our society. One side of the street you have upscale Sun Valley on the other side youths growing up in misery. If your cradle is in Ser’i Fortuna, you lost. And this will stay like this until that day the powerful, the capitalist representatives understand that they have to offer equal opportunities to the people. Governmental powers have failed the last forty years to combat inequality.
That’s why according to the United Nations Human Development Index 40% of the population in Curaçao lives in poverty and where 12% has more than 80% financial income. If you don’t take measures, this will result in a frontal confrontation. A revolution.” –

The greatness of Wiels besides his shortcomings attributed to the Dutch Coloniality Fatigue Matrix in which he had to manoeuvre, was that he displayed a live model how to flip the script and birth social transformation eradicating the played out neoliberal state of mind. Get active, read up on things, debate, reform the media to your benefits and emancipative agenda, organize stand up for your rights. Untame your heart from Dutch and domestic colonialism. Link up with the countries in your region, build connect. Show the financial overlords who be running things now. Deconstruct Institutional racism. Dismantle structural class oppression, banish and unlearn all thought patterns that praise creole capitalism.

The murder case trial is set for August 4, the hired killer and accomplices are behind bars and the intellectual assassination plot architects are identified and allegedly soon to be arrested.

Courtroom Notes on the Magnus Case – Part II August 6,7

Day 3 and 4 of the murder trial a tweet report (@sablikatriumph)

3rd episode of the #Wiels murder trial: ‘Partners in NLS Crime Day’- 2 accused assassination accomplices Carlos Pieter & Dangelo Damascus.

Dangelo Damascus answers w slightly shook voice that he wasn’t involved in preparing the assassination on Helmin #Wiels May 5 2013.

Carlos Pieter more relaxed self assured voice says he also had nothing to do with the murder of Helmin #Wiels.

Carlos Pieter confirms that day of assassination he was with murder suspect Elvis Kuwas. Incoherent speech after questioning.

Carlos Pieter said he was in the car that murder suspect Elvis Kuwas was driving when he heard that #Wiels got assassinated 5-5-2013.

While in the car after it got washed both Pieter and Kuwas didn’t react, talk about the news of the slain Pueblo Soberano leader.

Carlos Pieter: Chulie ta sinta patras. Dangelo Damascus: su kuenta (sam sam hari)

Pieter + now Dangelo Damascus both run with the fuzzy memory theory. Judge looking for details about the Smith&Wesson murder weapon.

Carlos Pieter wispering a lot in Damascus ear.

Ma perde plaka ku domino i bai kas ping ku mi muhenan. Miho Damascus kompronde ku pan Ipiranga ta mas dushi ora kome pafo di waya. #Wiels

Pieter su papia i bos parse Peppie Sulvaran podise ku yudansa e por bira abogado e wegi laba Kia moka sin buska drechi no te ko no.

Wes a bin ku hopi strategia, abogadonan ta tin 10 luna pa harma kontestanan mas kreibel pa e akusadonan. E style di tira para, no.

Dangelo Damascus gets confronted by DA Rip with a Facebook pic of himself and Kuwas with guns.

Dicho nobo: ‘Kaba mane Bolle’ = Sin kabes, pia, man.

Panchek no tin un kama e ta drumi den sala i e ta bisa ku no ta berdat ku Bolle a bin ‘bishite’ despues di su morto.

Robbie Dos Santos better invest a few thousands to start a ‘How to steal drugs’ clinic or workshop. Panchek on some frail chump shit.

Dangelo Damascus ora ela sali feu prison e no a mira niun kara di Reclassering.

Damascus insists he is not involved in the assassination of #Wiels. Construction worker after Hyatt he doesn’t have a steady income.

Carlos Pieter was security officer for Scorpio lottery. Unlike Damascus he has a psych report. Why only him?

Aubert :Wiels: (Carlos Pieter) his brother got killed too and he tried to use those sentiments (saying he know what it is to lose a brother)

Aubert #Wiels: Kuwas is present to pressure them but after the break they (Damascus+Pieter) will tell the real story.

Aubert #Wiels throws a no comment curve when asked to react on Jamaloodin’s release from Barber police cells icw intellectual murder plot.

MFK por hiba outoridatnan enkarga ku selnan di polis na Barber korte si nan ke. E plaka tei. Nan ke pueblo bon. Subi 21 trapi.

Jamaloodin hints he will take legal steps against unjustified detention for loss of money of his business and judicial defamation.

Hasta Morgan Isenia a kuminsa korta Amparo Dos Santos ora ela kuminsa bati lip.

Court in session, prosecuting attorney Rip on deck presenting his fact finding file: Pieter and Damascus are both accomplices.

Contradicting declarations, Damascus says they heard on the news that #Wiels got assassinated while driving to Montana.

Not clear if Dangelo Damascus + Carlos Pieter knew #Wiels would be assassinated by Kuwas but there’s sufficient proof of murder accomplices.

The #Wiels murder trial evolves around Koraal Specht a public housing neighborhood constructed in the 70s for low income and workingclass.

Bolle a bishita Panchek despues di su asesinato te fada spanta su spiritu. E koi no tbt nada dushi pe…

Ken Helmin #Wiels ta bishitando pa 15 luna kaba na nan kama den nan sonjo, sopi, kafe, te, stoba? Ken?

After someone’s death their spirit can visit people in a good way or malevolent. Damascus encountered Bolle’s spirit various times.

Low income hustles, miseducation, culture of crime, greed, cocaine, guns, murder and African spirituality.

Prosecutor Rip demanded 5 years for Carlos Pieter and 20 years for Dangelo Damascus. #Wiels murder trial

Public prosecutor spokesperson Norman Serphos clears media confusion. The #Wiels murder case file has 1500 pages, lawyers have same file..

Ignorance of some journalists fixated by US court system, they wanted to see pics, guns, physical evidence predented in court. Nah.

Norman Serphos implicitly: lawyers have a weak case that’s why they won’t use the 1500pg file to build a strong defence for clients.

Periodistanan no ta interesa pa entrevista abogadonan pakiko nan no ta usa e dosier di 1500 blachi pa harma defensa duru.

Nah attorney Blonk shows respect to loved ones of slain #Wiels emphasizing free speech then a social status lecture on washing getaway cars.

Yesterday attorneys Sofia and Lodewica both had a frail defence, Dangelo Damascus in a limbo not knowing if he gotta chew 20yrs SDKK.

Blonk defending her client Carlos Pieter accused of being an accomplice in the #Wiels murder case. Day 4

Blonk defended successfully 2 brothers that made the socalled terrorist youtube video released right after the assassination of #Wiels.

They should translate the lawyers defense though. Dutch and on ultra high speed, people need Papiamentu version this is frail shit.

E file tin 20 ordner, miho prensa buska drechi pa nan kapta e kaso muchu mas miho i informa publiko kompronde e historia grandi.

Abogado Blonk tin ku kouw blachi chimichimi pe baha su spit un tiki.

Blonk weaving tons of law articles into her arguments to convince judge Van Dam who suggests to slow her speedy Dutch oratory.

Blonk in bionic fashion also opting the violation of Carlos Pieter’s rights, public prosecutor should be declared inadmissible.

Blonk: all these declarations are fruits of the poisonous tree, incredulous referring to Kuwas, wife, Rombley etc.

According to Blonk her client Carlos Pieter was at the wrong place at the wrong time in Koraal Specht. No conscious collaboration.

Blonk swings with a CPT (European Committee for the Prevention of Torture) report, inhumane detention at police station Rio Canario.

None of anti-Dutch colonialism lawyers (Sulvaran, Peterson etc) or apologists ever taken legal action to improve cells + prison.

Judicial-investigative tabloid Vigilante owner L. Sulvaran said he was threatened yesterday by RST (Dutch-led investigators).

RST told him that he should be careful of his enemies. Lilo Sulveran also in Curacao Media Org. considered this a threat…

September 1st is Day of the Press, if Sulvaran takes the RST threat seriously he will have to take action via CMO.

Attorney Blonk defense was tighter compared to Saleh, Lodewica + Sofia. Plus she broke down various Dutch law lingo for the public.

Ayabanda Jay Z ta usa su fama pa reforma e sistema di prison na Merka, kon ta na Korsou e artistanan tei pa usa poder sosial?

A murder trial should also examine the way power elites cultivate low income workingclass cultures and how to deconstruct them.

Fiskal Rip ta bedei ku den sierto sistuashon por traha deal/kondishonnan. Butamentu di sierto preshon riba hende tambe por.

Phone printouts, voicenotes, phone-movements, declarations all being used by public prosecution to prove Carlos Pieter is guilty.

Alicia Blonk even though she recently on the island in her intro she paid homage to Helmin #Wiels assassinated for speaking his Black mind.

Komo abogado e mester ta den bo naturalesa pa rekonose ku Helmin #Wiels a keda asesina pa libertat di ekspreshon. Blonk e uniko a korda…

Media in their usual ‘no fux given’ zone for the infinite human right violation of prisoners inside correctional center #Curacao.

Prensa no ta interesa niun lolo pe kondishonnan inhumano ku esnan priva di libertat ta den na SDKK i selnan di polis.

Anti-Dutch colonial movements are a joke if they don’t activate to improve prison rehab and social living conditions in general.

Right now there’s a ‘baby Kuwas’ growing up on Struggle ave. Don’t lament if s/he merks one of your loved ones in the nearby future.

Enbes di hasi sansanya riba kos chiki bo no ke wak e rais na e sistema ku ta krea hende menos sosial den situashonan hansha.

Wasn’t #Wiels assassination the tipping point to refashion Creole capitalism? We still US-EU consumption junkies, materialistic duppies.

Lilo Sulvaran a keda yama pa papia ku RST? pero e no kier a bin pa tacha su imagen di reportero pero ta deklara boshi kos na MAS99.

Segun Lilo Sulvaran #Wiels a keda mata despues di sierto kombersashonnan ku e lider di PS ta tin ku RST i kon su aktuashon a kambio kompletu.

Lilo Sulvaran dono di korant Vigilante hudisial-investigativo no por a saka afo despues di 15 luna unda tin ku buska asesinato. Oh.

What’s missing is factchecking media court reports. Its 2014 #Curacao we could better than letting public wallow in confusion.

Nevermind what Lilo Sulvaran blabbers are there any representatives of responsible media to hold his tabloid terrorism accountable?

The middle man (taking orders, financial logistics) in the #Wiels murder conspiracy Nini Fonseca doesn’t need Dutch-Papiamentu interpreter.

Koraal Specht got New Limit Soldiers and New York Yankees, 2 gangs beefing after assassination #Wiels. NLS freaked out Kuwas used NLS ppl.

All according to suspect Michael Leesly from Koraal Specht.

Robbie Dos Santos and George Jamaloodin are and will remain suspects (with others) in murder case Maximus. Intellectual architects.

Criminal Intelligence Service reports: Robbie Dos Santos been pressured-(blackmailed) to give more money for the assassination of #Wiels.

Sidenote: Dos Santos and Jamaloodin flips the Criminal Intelligence Services as ‘gossip’.

George Jamaloodin been visited by Nini Fonseca emptyhanded and left his office with bag of money according to witnesses.

This is why Aubert #Wiels was happyfaced today after a little convo with prosecutor Rip this morning before court session.

E ofisinanan di Robbie Lottery tin pagado di kandela, nan ta bon proteha? Nan tin alarma di huma ku ko?

Prosecution detected heavy text communication between Jamaloodin and Fonseca. #Wiels lawyer Mereije Vaders on deck to defend client.

Vaders’ hustle: Fonseca full acquittal.

Hans Vaders: godverdomme Merije waar ben je nu mee bezig, k*nj*. Zo heb ik je niet opgevoed…of toch we’ll? #Wiels

Merije Vaders’ voice is shaky, arguments there’s is no concrete evidence only hearsay. Cites European treaty for human rights.

Vaders ta kologa Kuwas di tur banda pa proteha su kliente Nini Fonseca. Abogado trastu burdugu.

Article 201355: A lawyer should step the fuck off that degenerated creole capitalism organized crime shit and love up the people.

Luigi Florentina told murder suspect Kuwas that Robbie Dos Santos was the lottery baron who ordered the hit on Pueblo Soberano leader #Wiels

Vaders emphasizes that Florentina’s death(murder) makes it impossible to conclude if he really said Robbie Dos Santos ordered hit #Wiels

Jason Lau A Kien: Ora zero ta yegando pa kaso Maximus yega un ‘fin’. Hopi hende nervioso.

Jason Lau A Kien tbt na Krioyo pero Darwin Gregg=Robbie Dos Santos pesei e mester a bai Direct pa eherse su trabou sin mancha.

Public interest prevails over murder suspects awaiting trial at home and endangers their lives unlike Dos Santos + Jamaloodin.

DA Rip bangs at Vaders, Leesly’s + Bertinus declarations are recent. Witnesses seeing Fonseca with duffle bag of money are from May.

Public interest prevails over murder suspects awaiting trial at home and endangers their lives unlike Dos Santos + Jamaloodin.

Fiskal Rip tin mas sorpresa pero e pruebanan ta bin na un okashon mas lat.

Something said in Koraal Specht don’t mean shit according to attorney Merije Vaders.

Nini Fonseca: I’m very upset.. Jamaloodin and Robbie Dos Santos accused of the same (murder plot) but they been released and I’m not.

Nini Fonseca: Judge what am I? They human (Dos Santos, Jamaloodin) and I’m not?

You better not laugh act spirited, crack jokes in court before you beg the judge to release you in a murder case. #Wiels

What was that conflict about between Saran Inderson and Elvis Kuwas during FOBA- psych-detention?

Kuwas: mi speshi a hodemi -jk-

Attorney Vaders used prime murder suspect Kuwas to testify to release her client Fonseca but prior she portrayed him as unreliable.

Vaders ta boutisa Kuwas komo inkonfiabel durante su defensa henter ora pero despues ta lage testigua komo hende ku lo papia berdat.

Reginald Maduro @CBATelevision: “politicians allowed mafia to penetrate finance campaigns” [under your journalism watch] #Wiels

Ora bandanan lokal tbt duna saludo na fiesta na baronnan di droga Reginald Maduro tbt kontra e kos pero e no a protesta bisa banda.

Yves Cooper ta deklara ku e tei pa vigila ku e kaso ta kana limpi. Pero e ta konvensi ku e wes Van Dam ta obedese ordu for di NL.

Nelson Pierre a pega Yves Cooper ku e chikungunya: mainta e ta bisa 1 kos, atardi e ta bisa net kontrali. Bon ta klara ku e gainanki.

Luz Marie Ster no ta menshona Dos Santos, Jamaloodin ets pero si ta husga ku abogado Vaders a bari tur argumento di Rip feu mesa.

Luz Marie Ster no por bisa ku un abogado ta viktorioso sin elabora riba presentashon di kontrapartido. @CBATelevision

Sigiendo opinion di Luz Marie Ster e ora ei Vaders lo saka Fonseca manan for di FOBA sin problema paso “ela bari tur kos feu mesa.”

Coldblooded Merije Vaders didn’t start her dissertation expressing compassion and lament to the family of assassinated #Wiels.

Kemen @TeleCuracao tambe no ke menshona detayes dje kaso. No ke menta Robbie Dos Santos i Jamaloodin. Majan korant si ta hasie..

Pa hende ku no por asigi e kaso e no tin sentido pa wak @TeleCuracao paso e resumen ta un maria porko sushi ku no ta sirbi.

Koroto di Airu

Koperando den programanan di kontra-inteligensia pa konfundi opinion publiko i alabes proteha tentakulonan di poder.

Koroto di airu, eiden olarkia ta fiesta

Provokando selektivamente sierto politiko protehando bankeronan, personanan klave ku a inventa sostene e sistema finansiero ku ta chupa sanger di pueblo.

Ninga di eherse periodismo investigativo pa prueba ku doñonan di media ta eherse sierto gradonan di un diktadura riba nan komunikadonan sosial i pueblo en general a base di interes finansiero.

Koroto di airu kaminda spokinan ta flota bai bin gritando den suku.

Keda sin inberti den kreashon di un konsenshi periodistiko ku eksepshon den perta politiko of pa gloria personal.

Ku konsistensia apstene di organisa riba dia di prensa un dialogo nashonal pa oumenta kalidat i integridat di suministrashon di informashon mientras e akseso na tur netwerk, media pa hasi esaki ta un realidat faktibel.

Un koro komersial ta sali for di e koroto di airu

Sosteniendo den e referendum di 2009 e opshon Si un pakete neo-kolonial, sin hasi periodismo investigativo den e konsekuensianan dje restrukturashon estatal. Agonisa despues di kuater aña ku pueblo ta sufri di hamber pa e mesun medidanan neo-kolonial ku mayoria a vota pe pa keda ehekuta.

Fasilitando zonanan di komfort pa sierto mandatarionan, institutonan finansiero, hefenan di servisio, kapitannan di industria.

Koroto di airu un sanktuario pa orden establesi, supremasia blanku, rasismo internalisa, hustisia di klase.

Asimilando un diktador notisiero ku ta disidi ki ora si algu ta keda publika komo notisia pa publiko.

Desvia interes pa no splika i siña pueblo na plaka chiki kiko ta ensera libertat di prensa ku fundeshi huridiko nashonal internashonal.

Periodismo chupa lenga merkadea
diabelnan disfrasa komo pannan di dios.

Den e koroto di airu enemigunan ta boltu bira amigunan di lucha pa elimina enemigunan nobo

Hasi servisionan klandestino pa un oligarkia hungando defensor di un klase trahado enkarsela den un depreshon ekonomiko.

Korotonan di airu
Ei e periodista-reportero den tur trankilidat ta konstrui su heroismo.
Korotonan di airu
Ei e ta imagina su mes komo salbado
Korotonan di airu
Ei e popchinan di meya ta haña su krus di merito.

Mundu, Kòrsou i Su Libertat Di Prensa

Korant Vigilante di 3 di mei 2014 ta pone ku leternan grandi, kubriendo e mitar pagina abou: “PLAN PA DETENE DOS EKS MINISTER I UN KOMERSIANTE”. Na momentu ku e lesado saka FL1,50 pa sasia su kuriosidat e ta ripara ku te na pagina 12 e artikulo ta aparese konsistiendo di tres frase chikitu miserabel ku bo ta kaba di lesa den menos ku 20 sekonde. Un triki barata a keda di komete pa manipula atenshon di e konsumido pa gasta su sen aportando na e garantia ku periodismo di sensashonalismo ta keda na bida pa un tempu largu.

E kaso no ta unu normal sin mas pasobra pa prome e doño di e korant ta Merril ‘Lilo’ Sulvaran fundado di Curacao Media Organization(CMO) ku ta para pa hisa kalidat di periodismo en general atrabes di e organisashon i na di dos luga tres di mei ta dia internashonal di libertat di prensa un dia ankra den artikulo 19 di derechinan humano universal ku ta para ketu na libertat di kada hende pa opina i ekspresa sin keda stroba i pa buska, hana i parti informashon via media sin frontera.
E vishon ta ku libertat di media i e akseso na informashon ta yuda desaroya e meta pa empodera pueblo ku medionan di komunikashon serio ku ta alimenta pueblo ku sufisiente material informativo pa por opina i partisipa den tur proseso di su komunidat pe por ta doño di su mes destino usando e informashon i konesementu di kalidat haltu.

Ironia di bida ta ku aña pasa na mei CMO huntu ku UNESCO di Korsou a hana e oportunidat pa organisa un konferensia Karibense di tres dia den kuadro di Dia Mundial di Libertat di Prensa. Notisia360 ta raporta: ” Lilo Sulvaran tambe di CMO, a reiterá e importansha pa prensa traha
riba kalidat, esaki pa mitigá e krítikanan ku sa tin riba prensa lokal. Ta importante pa hisa nivel di
nos komunikadonan, tantu na radio, televishon komo korant. E vishon di Unesco i CMO ta pa tin un kontinuidat den konsientisashon dje komunikado i sigui ku e proseso di kalidat.”
Presidente di CMO Stanley Ignacio i trahado pa Extra i miembro ko-organisado dje konferensia na 2013 Valeska Diaz komo hefe redaktor na korant Extra huntu ku Sulvaran na Vigilante den nan korantnan di djasabra 3 di mei no a duna ni un artikulo chikirititu di sikiera dos frase na e dia speshal ku ta salbaguardia e derechinan di nan mes fishi di komunikashon.

—Prensa ku no ta papia, analisa riba nan mes dia di libertat di ekspreshon den media ta mane obispo Secco ku enbes di duna predikashi den katedral di Pietermaai ta bai bishita Campo riba un djadumingu.—

Mariano Heyden aña pasa a deklara ku e si no ta interesa pa konekta ku su koleganan Karibense i no mester bai na e konferensia regional di prensa organisa pa CMO den Renaissance hotel pasobra ta “tin nada ku nan por a sine einan” ku e ya sa kaba.
Un testimonio di ignoransia lokal di marka mayo ku a haña su reperkushon 2 di mei riba un djabierne ora e periodista ku mas di 30piku ana di eksperiensia a invita den su programa Perspektiva na Z86
reportero/periodista Yves Cooper huntu ku Reina Joe eks periodista kaminda na a elabora den un forma desorganisa riba dia di libertat di prensa i a ekspresa un prekupashon kolektivo pa e forma kon medionan di komunikashon ta den un estado di degenerashon.
Heyden i Cooper a laga nan bosnan kritiko resona den e studio radial den kurason di Otrobanda, e problema si ta ku ora bo pretende di ta un outoridat den mundu di periodismo i konstantemente tin algu di bisa riba bo koleganan i medionan di komunikashon ku nan ta representa ta yega un dia ku nan tin ku manifesta nan outoridat. E skuma tin ku komberti den chukulati. Heyden, Joe, Cooper tur tres tin akseso na tur doñonan di media i nan finansiadonan i un publiko ku ta adora e tera ku nan ta kana ariba. Prensa a kai hopi, e kalidat ta bai atras dia pa dia pa años kaba pero kada bes ora un dia manera 3 di mei of 1 di september Dia di Prensa presenta no tin niun esfuerso for di na skina pa organisa un konferensia, un debate, un foro transmiti na radio/televishon huntu ku tur miembronan i doñonan di media pa analisa, diskuti e problemanan den mundu di medionan di komunikashon i ofrese solushonnan huntu ku e representantenan di komunidat ku a profundisa den e materia di prensa.

E wikent aki tambe e notisia a yega den Amigoe (djabierne) ku TeleCuracao i TeleCuracaoFM lo separa for di nan kompania mama UTS i lo kai bou di gobiernu representa via komesarionan. E desishon a kai fin di mart pero a keda skondi ya un luna kaba pa publiko pa e propio TeleCuracao te dia di awe. E relato den e korant hulandes ta bisa ku e desishon a kai pa preveni ku influensia politiko (opositor) por (sigi) domina na e planta nashonal.
Si di berdat Korsou tin un prensa liber pero a prefera di tapa e notisia aki e ora ei e siman ku ta bin e liderasgo den prensa mester revindika su mes i mustra publiko kiko ta e origen di e kaso na TeleCuracao ku a kaba na un futuro separashon ku UTS.
E mesun koleganan ku aña pasa a partisipa for di Jamaica den e konferensia di UNESCO i CMO rondo e tema Libertat di Prensa ta tuma e dia hopi na serio i a kana un marcha dia 3 di mei den kayanan di Kingston pa laga sa ku nan tin un kompromiso ku e lucha pa ta i keda ku un grado haltu di libertat di prensa.
Reporters Without Borders a publika ku 2014 Jamaica ta okupa posishon 17 den e indise pa paisnan ku libertat di prensa. Hulanda ta na 4, Merka ta na luga 46, Haiti na 47. Ki luga Korsou tin, ken tin e liderato pa hasi un investigashon sientifiko den e espasionan di medionan di komunikashon pa hana sa na unda nos ta situa ku nos derechinan di buska, parti i risibi informashon di kalidat?