1942: A dutch Colonial Bloodbath in Curaçao


1942 dutch colonial murder

In the name of

dutch royal Shell,

queen Wilhelmina.


The colonial regime

in Curacao


Chinese workers

in 1942.

Acknowledging this bloody gruelsome act

and repairing it

is something the

dutch patron saints of human rights

have not found the humanity to do….

Fair Hotels – Curaçao


Socially responsible union hotels: A forbidden business model in Curacao. Creole capitalism cannot allow people working in hotels to join a union or have a union represent them to the fullest safeguarding their labor rights. The bottom line is that the low income working class remain the minimum salary earning class to sustain the failed capitalist state model.

Wiels & Reparations


Helmin Wiels on the Dutch white philanthropic racism of Jacob gelt Dekker and his eternal denial of the existence of reparatory justice for the Black Holocaust caused by Dutch enslavement of African people in Curacao.

José Maria Capricorne


José Maria Capricorne: “I bear a grudge against all the politicians who literally destroyed the art academy. All those with their ‘Dushi Korsou’ and all those stories. They committed a cultural crime..” 

Curacao’s White Investor’s Economic Exploitation Confidence Index

Gallup Curacao White Investor Economic Exploitation Confidence index

Dutch, US, Latino and white creole investors will try to run your island with them euros and dollars, colonize your economy. And now the Chinese, oh they on some new improved savage capitalism conquest shit.

Curacao’s GDP is $3.2 billion, 154.000 souls. We good we don’t really need y’all overseas monies if we start redistributing those florins and knowledge structures among the people that y’all plundered systematically.