Mac Alberto – Mensahe pa Kapitalismo Krioyo

dinamit Mac Alberto 1971 feb 11

11 di februari 1971 ta tin e alegashon ku Mac Alberto presidente di sindikato BTG a drenta sala di reunion di Kamera di Komersio hostina ku un pakete di dinamit pa anunsia e marionetanan di e elite ku kapitalismo krioyo ta matando e klase trahado pretu na Korsou i ku un djis abolishon di e negoshi neokolonial di sklabisa hende lo bira un realidat nobo.

Peter Stuyvesant Fell A Long Time Ago In Curaçao


The entrapments of Dutch white violence through labor, education, religion, politics and corporate power has never made it easy to break out from the colonial subject syndrome but by crushing white idolatry symbols that glorify the enslavement of Africans sparked many to revolt against or consider to either question or rebel on the sly against the foul structural imprisonment of black souls in Curaçao. Helmin Wiels  in 2011 played a key part in the removal of the Peter Stuyvesant statue from a public school and it revealed decolonizing gateways to escape.

José Maria Capricorne


José Maria Capricorne: “I bear a grudge against all the politicians who literally destroyed the art academy. All those with their ‘Dushi Korsou’ and all those stories. They committed a cultural crime..” 

Banks and White Financial Power: A Pact To Exploit the Future of Blackness in Curaçao

Fuck Jewish Financial enslavement Curacao MCB

Facts are that commercial banks are institutions of financial whiteness. Spaces where the fate of a majority black Curacao is being decided by mostly white Curacaoans or financial whiteness educated players. Questioning the status quo is not an option for the black bank professionals. A tiny white elite of Jewish, Dutch, white creole descent dominating the economic and financial structures sitting on the racial exclusion throne.