Dutch Enslavement of Black People Was and Still Is Profitable

Dutch white enslavement reparations 1863

The widow of Abraham de Veer received reparations money for the loss of economic-financial gain when slavery was abolished in 1863. The De Veer family build their white wealth throughout the centuries from various positions of power in Curacao:

-slave owners

– governor

– member of the colonial council

– merchant

– shipping and trading commerce

– Metacorp port services

– real estate

– board member Maduro & Curiels Bank

– owner hotel Renaissance

– owner of The Movies & The Cinemas

A classic example of how black financial genocide gets down to this day in 2016

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Erich Zielinski – Financial Sovereignty


Erich Zielinski on how Dutch enslavement and colonization causes debt: The debt of the country (Netherlands Antilles) is not the debt of Curacao.. The debt of the country is a debt of the Dutch kingdom. The Dutch state is free to erase this debt or to hold the Dutch responsible for it.

Curacao’s White Investor’s Economic Exploitation Confidence Index

Gallup Curacao White Investor Economic Exploitation Confidence index

Dutch, US, Latino and white creole investors will try to run your island with them euros and dollars, colonize your economy. And now the Chinese, oh they on some new improved savage capitalism conquest shit.

Curacao’s GDP is $3.2 billion, 154.000 souls. We good we don’t really need y’all overseas monies if we start redistributing those florins and knowledge structures among the people that y’all plundered systematically.