Makamba Mierde – A Never ending Caribbean Poem

makamba mierde

These islands will never be yours.
not for sale
Stoi hode stoi hode stoi hode
cleanse your white colonial karma
human rights angelic facade fallacies,
oh the savagery.
Its you who created Black poverty.
dirty dutch, nasty netherlands.
Your hands are bloody, dripping.
The preacher and businessmen
tulips with thorns. devil with invisible horns.
no mercy within their skeletons
oceans of atrocities, catastrophes flooding dungeons
the hatred of the hague anchored in their vains
the guilder is greedy
Mosa Annika screaming:
they like you because you like them
they LIKE you because you ARE LIKE them.
Stop it nowwwwww.
Murdering the souls of people
zumbification of a nation looking for
white institutional plunder validity

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

putrid privilege, the all-knowing savior
group immunity devils
colorblind racist kakada
clog stomping connivers
white victimhood spinners
burial of black freedom is big business
the parliament the government
honoring traditions of golden

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

parasitical black genocidal policies
White resorts
white real estate pirates
white landgrabs
dutch white gentrification
white journalists eating truffle sandwiches in gentrified hoods
feeding lies to the collective dutch pillage tribes

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

they keep on killing.
our ownership
communal wealth culture
our love for self.

Undutchable we are no matter the
helter skelter hypocrisy
Take off them cemetery rags get out of
those caskets of colonial catastrophe.
Exodus from the middle passage barbarity
The mayhem of dutch modernity.

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

Until that glorious day when
Impunity of white sorcery is a thing of the wicked past
The dutch polder model of coloniality consensus
to dehumanize Caribbean reparations
Caribbean sovereignty mongers
we burn your altars of dutch white academic deities
your epistemicide universities
these social infernos need to keep on flaming
to maintain your dutch capitalism fable alive

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

despicable dutch colonizer royal worship cult
for centuries long they be digging graves
in our hearts
white guilt trips,
behind the food packs philanthropy face
hides the rites of ancient fuckery

you are eternally indebted to us
shit on your tax payer money, austerity agenda and
0% interest loans and debt relief thievery
war ships will sink, war planes bound to crash

makamaba mierde
makamba mierde
makamba mierde

Mac Alberto – May Day Message to the Power Elite

Mac Alberto dynamite Curacao

On February 11, 1971 allegedly in possession of dynamite, Mac Alberto president of the government workers union stepped vexed into the meeting room of the Chamber of Commerce to announce to the tools of the power elite that creole capitalism is killing the black working class of Curaçao and that abolition of the neo-colonial enslavement business was soon to be a new reality.

Papa Godett


Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett: “The racial element in local politics is not new. When I emphatically  focus on the black population I do it not to discriminate but to identify with the large masses who are black in Curaçao. They have the biggest needs. That’s where the misery is at: unemployment, hunger, deplorable housing.  I’m in solidarity whit the black population and when I bring this things on tv it’s to give black people a sense of pride and self confidence.”

In Memory of Amado Römer


Amado Römer: “The philospophy about independence is usually completely coupled to the financial-economic situation and that I find fully degenerative. The people here say: If something happens then we can always fall back on the Netherlands. ….There’s never been any socioplotical educatio, not during the colonial period, neither during the post-colonial period. But for me independence the sooner, the better.”

Erich Zielinski – Financial Sovereignty


Erich Zielinski on how Dutch enslavement and colonization causes debt: The debt of the country (Netherlands Antilles) is not the debt of Curacao.. The debt of the country is a debt of the Dutch kingdom. The Dutch state is free to erase this debt or to hold the Dutch responsible for it.

Peter Stuyvesant Fell A Long Time Ago In Curaçao


The entrapments of Dutch white violence through labor, education, religion, politics and corporate power has never made it easy to break out from the colonial subject syndrome but by crushing white idolatry symbols that glorify the enslavement of Africans sparked many to revolt against or consider to either question or rebel on the sly against the foul structural imprisonment of black souls in Curaçao. Helmin Wiels  in 2011 played a key part in the removal of the Peter Stuyvesant statue from a public school and it revealed decolonizing gateways to escape.