Banks and White Financial Power: A Pact To Exploit the Future of Blackness in Curaçao

Fuck Jewish Financial enslavement Curacao MCB

Facts are that commercial banks are institutions of financial whiteness. Spaces where the fate of a majority black Curacao is being decided by mostly white Curacaoans or financial whiteness educated players. Questioning the status quo is not an option for the black bank professionals. A tiny white elite of Jewish, Dutch, white creole descent dominating the economic and financial structures sitting on the racial exclusion throne.


Courtroom Notes on the Magnus Case

A twitter report of the murder trial scheduled from Aug 4-8.

Helmin #Wiels murder trial in a heavily secured courthouse, Dutch judge Van Dam van Isselt guided by Papiamentu interpreter

Lawyers of accused don’t want live audio streaming of the Helmin #Wiels murder trial. Deliberating, district attorney co-signs, judge..?

Judge allows as courthouse previously permitted to live audio stream the #Wiels murder trial. Objections rejected underpinned by EU treaty.

Public interest to transmit murder trial [social unrest] prevailed, safety measures been taken, privacy protection.

Murder suspects given chance to speak, Nini Fonseca: “Not now’, Elvis ‘Monster’ Kuwas: “I want a fair + just trial for

Jaime Cordoba: “mi ta laga tur hende papia, grita 15 luna, kaminda mi sa miho, mi ta laga hustisia kana..” E ta papia lastu

After 15 months the #Wiels murder suspect lottery don Robbie Dos Santos says he wants to speak to the brothers of assassinated politician.

Ta tumando miyonario Robbie Dos Santos 15 luna pa hanja number telefon, email, direkshon di kas di rumannan Aubert i Werner #Wiels pa papia.

Luz-Marie Ster di @CBATelevision no kier a puntra Robbie Dos Santos kiko e ta pensa di su ruman Jamaloodin ku si ta sera pe kaso #Wiels

Prime murder suspect Elvis Kuwas on deck, the interpreter had the nerve to ask judge if she had to translate bc Kuwas speaks Dutch.

Translation from Dutch to Papiamentu gives you time to absorb the murder case twice in a much more profound semi-visual manner.

Judge confronts Elvis Kuwas with the murder of Helmin #Wiels and asks to respond. E.K.: “I have nothing to say.”
Kuwas: “the declarations prior given were not based on truth.”

Murder suspect Kuwas was offered a deal by the public prosecution that’s why he hustled a declaration admitting he assassinated #Wiels.

Kuwas on the analogue tip with Carlos Monk ex Pueblo Soberano minister + suspect who via press release + media appearance said same #Wiels

Elvis Kuwas: they told me if I don’t declare I’ll get life. They offered me a deal, my wife received $ on bank account.

Lawyer Saleh persists her client Kuwas must be given the opportunity to show court the dvd of DA vs Kuwas interrogation/negotiation

Judge Van Dam questions the added value but permits lawyer Saleh and her prime murder suspect Kuwas to show the dvd via laptop.

DA Rip: few hours before assassination #Wiels and few hours after experts analyzed phone list convo’s pointing out link to Elvis Kuwas.

Kuwas on dvd: “when district attorney comes I will leave, I have nothing to do with him unless my attorney is present.”

Parts shown were beginning + end of dvd where both Kuwas concludes he aint going to say nothing + that’s how he will enter his grave

#Wiels murder suspect Elvis Kuwas calmly and slightly confident steady opting time after time to his right to remain silent.

Murder suspect Kuwas in court has a language vantage point having lived in the Netherlands for 20yrs. No inferiority complex.

Aubert #Wiels unlike Carlos Monk firmly believes that crown murder suspect Kuwas assasinated his brother May 5 2013

The folkloric 5-5-5 myth vaporized completely in court: On the 5th month, 5th day by 5 bullets. No, 10 bullets fatally hit #Wiels.

MAS99 ta para pa ‘mas manipulashon’ di opinion publiko ku e grabashonnan dje kaso di awe i otro ku lo sigi.

Humphrey Zimmerman (H.Z.) ounke e ta di Ultimo Notisia ta demostra mas madures periodistiko i no ta blendu publiko mane na MAS99

Yves Cooper ku a yuda bruha e kaso hopi, koperando ku MAS99 ta heilu ku e siman aki mester ta un proseso di perfekshon den korte.

Reginald Maduro di @CBATelevision tambe ta pega meyamentu morto analisando e kaso #Wiels den korte, sin kritika fayo di media mes.

Den e 15 luna prensa tbt e mayo hodedo den meskla sesunan di e pueblo di Korsou. Tin di nan dor di keda ketu ora nan koleganan ta manipula

Whatever you do don’t fall for that Yves ‘I’m Mister Journalistic Integrity’ Cooper nonsense.

Day 2 #Wiels murder trial: District Attorney Rip exploring all the investigative avenues and facts about prime suspect Elvis Kuwas in court.

Elvis Kuwas allegedly is member of No Limit Soldiers (NLS) a gang from Koral Specht feuding against Buena Vista City(BVC).

DA Rip: No money been paid to Elvis Kuwas or wife in return for declarations if the #Wiels murder case.

July 2 members of BVC gang got murdered by NLS when they came out of the Hato airport arrival hall from a Air Berlin flight

DA Rip runs a detailed presentation how Elvis Kuwas declared his assassination mission for 100.000 florin ($55.000).

Elvis Kuwas stepped out the car put on his hoody and shot #Wiels a few times, the victim tried to get at him and fired more bullets at him.

The district attorney talking but where the hell is the interpreter? The public needs to hear it in Papiamentu.

#Wiels was the biggest political leader of the Sovereign Party (Pueblo Soberano) leading the cabinet not as PM but as member of Parliament.

Caribbean media is not that interested in the murder case of a virtual socialist president until their own prez get assassinated.

Caribbean should take notes what has occured since May 5 2013 when Helmin #Wiels got murdered. Media, governments, civic society, wake UP.

Side-note: #Curaçao + Dutch intelligence services have shown their frailty to explore their incapacity to prevent assassination of #Wiels

DA Rip: the money he received for all the killings will be confisquated and he demands a life sentence according to Dutch system.

Interpreter back in full effect, many or some had problems with her Dutch- Papiamentu translations but 1st time, pressure..

According to reporter Godfried Adam organized crime has 50 million florins ($28 million) to sabotage the judicial system.

Multi-millionaire and murder suspect Robbie Dos Santos also wants to know how ordered the assassination of Helmin #Wiels

Robbie Dos Santos is the lottery don of Koraal Specht aka No Limit Soldier bario.

Saleh’s defense is debilitating by mainly using emo-spins confrontational sex pics, erotic phone tap conversations of Kuwas’ wife.

Saleh orbits around Mona-Lisa Kuwas but barely deconstructs all the bloodstained accusations smeared on murder suspect Elvis Kuwas.

Saleh insinuates that her client Kuwas was fooled into having faith that DA Rip could reverse life sentence if he declared.

Lawyer Saleh: “–Who wouldn’t prefer to be locked up in the Netherlands than in #Curaçao.–” Dutch correctional colonialism

Saleh banks on illegitimate deal with Kuwas. Jurisprudence, violation fair trial, clients rights. Public prosecution inadmissible.

Saleh mentioning lottery baron and murder suspect Robbie Dos Santos who ordered a hit according to client (faux) declarations.

1st time the name of murder suspect case Maximus the multi-millionaire Robby Dos Santos heard inside courtroom.

Aubert den pasado resien a bisa ku ya ela pordona Kuwas den su kurason awoki e ta dehumanisa e akusado asesino di su ruman.

Cali Manuel bon pregunta ken ta i (o) lo bai paga abogado Saleh? Kuwas su plakanan lo keda konfiska. Ta pro-deo i pa traha nomber?

When #Wiels got shot he still looked Elvis Kuwas in his face and tried to step to him to probably fux him the fux up.

Godfried Adem is a genuine Dutch kingdom ass-licking reporter, any opportunity he got he worships the benefits of being part of NL.

Yes Dutch tech + financial aid-expertise made #Wiels murder case easier to solve. But the legacy of colonialism created the assassination.

Jason Lau A Kien: Detentions dropping soon, those that under false pretext called #Wiels to meet at Marie Pompoen where he got assassinated.

Olga Saleh continues, focus is now the murder case #Wiels questioning public prosecution, ‘speculative’ proof not convincing enough.

Saleh dehumanizes a drug addict insinuating that a (choller) ‘crackhead’ hungry for his fix couldn’t gave a truthful declaration.

Dutch Critical Legal Studies

Dutch Critical Race Theory

Once again Saleh mentions that murder suspect Robby Dos Santos gave the order to assassinate #Wiels according to what Kuwas declared 1st.

Michael Leasly supposedly said that Kuwas shouldve gotten more of that assassination money which he heard from Robbie Dos Santos

Saleh: client Kuwas clearly loved women and would be inclined to impress them by (lying) showing off how he killed so and so.

Saleh says that witness Rombley was just a thirsty tramp. This lawyer is a trip, she foul.

How many lawyers grew up in working class neighborhood Koraal Specht?

Si Robbie Dos Santos a inverti plaka den edukashon hudisial pa Koraal Specht e por a krea su mes imperio di wesnan i fiskal

Saleh no a keha (den) korte ku ministerio publiko ilegalmente a usa strategia pe no por asisti su kliente Kuwas na NL.

If Saleh was really that worried about her client getting life while innocent she would demand an interpreter to win public opinion

District attorney Rip on deck ‘factwhipping’ Saleh. “There’s no deal.. But its allowed to make certain arrangement icw safety.

DA: costs been made to safeguard witnesses: tickets, passports, costs of living. No payments in exchange of declarations.

Saleh on deck to counter DA. Witnesses got paid, client has tight relation with mother in law and probably will never see her again.

Saleh slip of the tongue: “he will probably never see her again” ? Life sentence

Elvis Kuwas upset: I got proof that DA Rip paid people, not hearsay which y’all use to lock me up, I got proof.

Saleh a bisa su kliente probablemente lo no mira su suegra nunka mas. Kiermen e ta atmiti ku e ta bai keda sera pa tempu largu

Partner of #Wiels emo-vexed out on murder suspect Elvis Kuwas slandered him on point, his reaction: ‘thank god I’m tied up’.

-@TeleCuracao ta yama e koki un reportahe detaya? Ta tin asina tantu analise, angulonan di nara e kaso den korte pero no mediokre.

Afro-Curacaoan Comedy and Coonery Criticism in the Netherlands

The Curacaoan comedian Jandino Asporaat is on the island for five shows. Critical minds can’t take that Afro-Curacaoan mockery disguised as comedy.

The euro’s be coming in steady no doubt about that but the pay off also includes a systematic stereotype branding of the black Curacaoan living in the Netherlands inside the average Dutch white mind.

Two things caught my attention though: 1. His ‘Dino Show’ with sketches of Afro-Curacaoan, Afro-Surinamese, Indo-Surinamese and Ghanese characters is being prolonged on television by the same broadcasting company NTR that made the controversial Dutch Eurocentric slavery documentary ‘De Slavernij’.

2. The promo’s for his shows in Curacao is mostly to be heard on Dutch radio’s and Dutch newspapers excluding the Papiamentu media. Only Z86 the favourite radio listened by the ex-ruling elite as an exception.

Somewhere inside I die when I notice these commercialized rooted subliminals. Its like they saying: We only want ‘civilized’ Dutch speaking Afro-Curacaoans that won’t scare off our other target audience the Dutch Europeans residing on the island to come see the show.

Capitalizing off coonery is an art form too. I’m not claiming he does that all of the time but that is the first few impressions I got.

Doubtful are my feelings that the Afro-Dutch society understands and overstands the long lasting effects of comedy coon sessions in a white world like the Netherlands.

By not challenging artists like Jandino to polish his performances making it blend into a Dutch black self empowerment model we still be stuck in 2012 lightweight lamenting fucking Dutch racist bullshit like ‘Zwarte Piet’.

The moment we stop legitimizing everything that destroys our self image or stagnates it from growing will be the moment we win. The moment we smile.

Dutch White Privilege within the Curacao Court of Justice

An unexpected new political order for the establishment brings friction. Always.

Character assasination schemes in order to put old and new rusty leaders aside, verbal hostile climates, absence of journalistic poise, ethnic polemics, political slander-fests are inevitable if you have not explored the history of slavery and colonialism throughout the Caribbean.

Ever since the abolition of slavery the elite status holding hierarchy’s imput has been scarce to structurally built a harmonious wealth distributing society. Hence what we experience had to happen mandated by the socio-economic laws of nature.

A figurehead of the disposed ruling class like the president of the Bar association Mr. Karel Frielink criticizing prime minister Gerrit Schotte and Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels for the glory high of political machismo won’t change this so-called tense labeled situation we are in.

Even if he has some valid points his argumented fallacies outweigh the speech given last week during the installment of new judges for the court of justice by courting a collective neo-colonial mindset unabled to assimilate Curacao reality.

A Dutch European lawyer indiscriminately lambasting a prime minister and a party leader in front of four innocent new judges (one local, three Dutch Europeans) indoctrinating them from day one how to judicially digest post-colonial power struggles from a sole Dutch white privileged position is borderline dangerous.

New colonial paternalistic Dutch media coverage on the island only willingfully feeding a cultural feud is ‘peligroso’ too.

Mr. Frielink correctly emphasized in his introduction that our society still carries the marks of slavery but by being the president of the Bar you are not allowing any of the local lawyers a chance to aspire that leadership role position consequently the image stays carved in by maintaining the old colonial social constructs purposely.

By not willing to speak our language Papiamentu therefore incapable to debate and defend his views and critique in Papiamentu media he commits social censureship and this automatically frames himself again into a neo-colonial sphere.

The outrage expressed by the public and local progressive minded lawyers could have been less if he had just taken Papiamentu classes years ago. His speech would be entirely different and enriched with real life unifying pleas if he had consulted sociologists, cultural anthropologists, historians to deepen out and profoundly understand this historic transcending moment we all are witnessing.

Until this constant deep rooted Dutch European naivety blended with superiority feelings is adressed on a public platform corrected and replaced with a new historically mature understanding state of mind this ‘Krioyo’ race and class warfare will not stop to exist.

Helengue Liberation Struggles

San Pablo rum junks
6am public housing
punch drunk
Helengue hearts
beef in the bario
i told u not to put
a hand on Celeste,
called the Police 2hrs ago
Jawbone bruised.
Her right eye is bleeding.
Sister in law is screaming.
Eeeeeeeppaaa Heyyy Iaaansaa/

Liberation struggles
San Pablo rum bottles
wetting up Tax reforms:
whoop 5% to a 6%
stone cold killer.
Plantation economies
honoring the fiscal
tax experts that
have a secret
‘shut the fuck up’ code.
If they break it they’ll
be banned to
the working class
slave wage hell
Ezili Danto keep
blessing UP
tent camps
feeding little
girls dreams
Let the educational
bi-lingual falsehood
fade out
When she grow up
with law books
under her arms
singing : Mommy
we gonna

Netherlands bans
Burkas and
Black #Curacao folks
Neo-Jew Stars on coats
If only only
Anna Frank could
rewrite her memoirs
Slavery paintings
on queen Beatrix
golden coach
Y’all a bunch
a lazy ass niggers
We took you out the jungle
Ci-vi-li-zed you
Thanks to us
you can eat
Clothes on your back
Nikes on your feet
Intellectuals up in the mix
Thesis, Essays, critique
I don’t care if
you have an
academic degree
All these fancy words
And verbs
can you get my
Peoples FREE?

She the baddest b*tch,
she ride or die
in her golden coach
She the baddest b*tch,
she ride or die
in her golden coach
She the baddest b*tch

‘Take the slavery image off the Golden Coach’


Take the slavery image off the Golden Coach:

That’s what activists say:
half-naked black people do not belong on the coach.

On the Golden Coach is a reference to our history of slavery and colonial times. Would Beatrix remove the wrong image? That is what Barryl Biekman (National Platform Slavery), Harry van Bommel (SP MP), Mariko Peters (Green MP) and Jeffrey Pondaag (Dutch Committee debt of honor) ask themselves today in the editorial pages of the print

Next week the golden coach will ride again through The Hague and thousands of day trippers will come to catch a glimpse of the queen. Budget Day this year will have a special character, as different political parties have made proposals to limit the power of the head of state. We want to put a critical note at the Golden Coach

The Golden Coach has become the symbol of the Dutch monarchy. The “Association of the Amsterdam People” wanted to give the coach to Queen Wilhelmina in 1898 for its inauguration. Wilhelmina felt little for it. Historians suspect that this reluctance stemmed from protests some years earlier in the Netherlands against the exaggerated pomp of the coronation, of Czar Nicholas the Second.

The Golden Coach is a typical Dutch product, developed by the brothers Spyker in the Dutch Renaissance style. That was the style of the Golden Age of colonial Netherlands that has brought so much wealth.

The images on the golden coach also refer to that age. They are written by Nicholas van der Waay in 1891 at the age of 36 when he was appointed professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts.

The side panels depict a “Tribute to the Netherlands and Orange” and “Tribute of the Colonies’. The sidebar “Tribute of the Colonies” activates great resistance from us. On that side are half-naked black men and women who offer their riches to the royal king. In the colonial era and the aftermath of slavery this seemed like a very ordinary picture. Now it reminds us of a horrible period in Dutch history.

The Netherlands are still struggling with the colonial past. Dutch families of the massacre in the Indonesian village Rawagede demand reparations from the Dutch state but they claim the case has expired. Descendants of the enslaved in the Antilles and Suriname asked an apology from the Dutch government, but see the only knowledge institute on Dutch slavery, NiNsee, threatened with closure. Apparently, the most shameful pages of history from the Dutch collective memory must be repressed.

Netherlands could take an example from Australia and the United States of America. In 2008, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formally apologized to the indigenous Aborigines who were systematically deprived and whose children were taken. Also in 2008 the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution in which apologies were made to black Americans for the period they were treated as slaves and the discriminatory laws under which they had to live deep into the twentieth century. In 2001 during a UN Conference in Durban the Netherlands, “expressed deep regret” over slavery and the colonial past, but never apologized.

The big difference between showing regret and apologize is the fact that the first one comes from one side, and apologies must be accepted by the other party. Netherlands has never apologized, because this could be seen as an admission of guilt and that couldbring forth claims.

We sincerly hope that the Dutch government can come to terms with its national history and just like the Australians and Americans offers a generous apology to the descendants of the Dutch colonial oppression and the violence that sometimes came forth out of it.

Maybe Queen Beatrix, might want to push the government into that direction by removing the panel of “Tribute to the Colonies” of the Golden Coach and place it where it belongs : the Rijksmuseum.