Banks and White Financial Power: A Pact To Exploit the Future of Blackness in Curaçao

Fuck Jewish Financial enslavement Curacao MCB

Facts are that commercial banks are institutions of financial whiteness. Spaces where the fate of a majority black Curacao is being decided by mostly white Curacaoans or financial whiteness educated players. Questioning the status quo is not an option for the black bank professionals. A tiny white elite of Jewish, Dutch, white creole descent dominating the economic and financial structures sitting on the racial exclusion throne.

Testifying the Greatness of Joceline Clemencia

(A translated version of the letter written by historian Jeanne Henriquez to newspaper Amigoe)

Joceline has passed away but here legacy stays strongly alive, Jeanne Henriquez, Saturday June 4, 2011

This is the heritage that Joceline has left for us to learn from: Joceline’s love for her maternal tongue, history and culture of her country was enormous.

In a consequently and consistently manner Joceline defended her soil with her acts, discussions and dialogues. Joceline was a first class independentista.

It needs to be indicated very clear that in our political history she was the first person that took the initiative trying to form a strong politically allied opposition group to combat the attacks on Curaçao’s autonomy during elections.

Sadly a majority of the political opposition groups were not yet ready for that. According to Joceline an alliance was a way to fight to become boss in our house.

History proved this.

Joceline was a woman who ensured to apply the philosophy of political independence in her daily life.
What other name could she give her company than Cultural Institute Independence.

Joceline managed to combine care, education and raising up of her kids and sustain her family
wither her political ambition.
The combination of all these tasks didn’t frighten her, it didn’t hinder her nor stop her from executing projects dedicated to information and formation of youth and adults.

She always expressed her opinion with a loud voice and never allowed people to shut her mouth. She didn’t care what consequence that might have for her. Joceline was a woman that attacked sexism in a systematic manner in the political arena of Curaçao. To Joceline a woman had all the rights to express her opinion even though its not a common thing.
Joceline didn’t worry about what people would think or say about her. She would give her unsalted opinion if you want to listen or not.

Joceline was a political feminist convinced that if we wanted to create a just world, the politics of care should reflect in our way of thinking, our acts and our attitude.

Joceline was a woman on a excellent level of language dominion. In an eloquent form she would express her thoughts and convictions. Joceline would dominate the art of imitation very good and would use this to bring humor and joy in thoughts that she would bring forth.

Joceline would use her creativity in everything that she would do and would infect others with her enthusiasm for her projects. To Joceline a stadium was the only appropriate place to teach in a massive way orthography of Papiamentu for those interested with assistance of a batallion of volunteers.

Joceline also was a Caribbean and internationalist and that’s why she solidarized herself with struggles around the world.

Historical was the action led by Joceline to demonstrate our repudiation against the invasion of Iraq.

Joceline would emphasize on the importance of knowledge about our African roots and to be aware of the history of great civilizations that Africa knew but also the African contemporary history.

She would emphasize the importance of analyzing and understanding the systems of oppression and the manifestations of political intrigue.
In that aspect Joceline visited among others the republic of South africa and spoke to Winnie Mandela, a woman fighter. Joceline fought against Afrophobia.

I’m glad we made peace with each other before su left. I’m grateful to Joceline for all the sweet moments, for all the moments of profound formation and the bitter moments from which we both learned our lessons.

Joceline Clemencia: PRESENTE!


Mea Culpa Di Mundu Sindikal i Media Mas Na Tinu. 1969 Rebiba ku Madures.

Batajon di pregunta ta skeiru ora 30 di Mei yega. Manera tur anjanan anterior e dia pa parti di media no tin masha antenshon aunke e slanan emoshonal tei ketu bai. Horecaf ta reklama ku donjonan makamba ta kansa trahado pero VBC ta keda smoel. Sektor di salubridat, konstrukshon, pakus, supermerkado, vigilansia ta pasa diariamente den abuso laboral. Departamentu di labor no ta parse di hanja e memo ku 10-10-10 mester a trese un renobashon di hendel ku kehonan di trahado pa nan dunado di trabao. Minister di labor Sr. Koeiman ta papia nechi pero su forsa ta kai chiki kontra e kapital ku tin skrement di tur e leinan laboral.

Sindikatonan konfuso no sa di respeta i homenahia e lidernan ku tabata tei prome ku nan di nan mes sindikato. Falta e vishon, seriedat pa kuminsa ku programanan di informa e klase trahado struktura via korant, televishon, radio i internet riba nan derechinan laboral. No tin linjanan habri di komunikashon pa krese un konsenshi laboral, no tin un punto sentral moderno pa hanja konseho laboral kaminda tur trahado na Korsou mesora por sinja konhuntamente kiko por hasi kon por solushona tal drama laboral.

30 di Mei 1969 solamente ta wordu konmemora pa FOL pero ‘niun’ sindikato ta organisa un foro, un debate riba e historia dje rebolishi di ’69. Tin manera un fuku pega den nan alma pa inisia un diskushon riba e progreso di sindikalismo, e bida sosial ku nos ta den. No ke bin ku sifras dilanti, no ke hasi investigashon, ku sifrasnan sientifiko pa kombati e malinformashon ku na final lo kumbini nan lucha mas ora bo ta arma ku dokumentashon laboral.

Media su rol te ainda tambe ta fofo i no por of no ta ke buska un modelo di informashon manera Vito di antes. E kreadornan di Vito ku tabata buta kos move den anjanan 60 tampoko no a mira e importansia di gia eduka lidernan nobo pa e spiritu di konsientisa, senjala, denunsia tur sorti drama riba e baranka aki. Plaka nunka por tabata e motibu ku un sistema di informashon a kai i disparse. Sigur den e mundu nobo di komunikashon ta stranjo ku te ainda niun hende ta hasi uso di media sosial kombina ku radio, korant, tv pa trese kambio real pe trahado.

Kos a mehora berdat pero asuntu ta keda ku kosmetika ta dunabu e ilushon ku nos ta riba ‘un bon kaminda’ i VBC na ’69 a perde 40 miyon pa e mentalidat malagradesi. Tur kos ta keda meskos te dia nos intelegensia spiritual kuminsa rasona. Tanten nos ta drei asinaki manera Mgr. Dr. Amado Romer a bedei: “Tur kos ta parse dirigí riba un pais desaroyá. No ta fomentá sentido di solidaridat den pueblo, no tin e atenshon pa formashon sosial. Tur kos ta bai na kon por sigurá un entrada pa mañan, ta kompetensha ta manda i no sistema di kooperashon ku otro pa huntu yega na algu. Un enseñansa liberal pues, ku ta kria hende egoista, individualista, pará riba su mes pero totalmente los for di tur otro.”

Joceline Clemencia, Black Emancipatory Boss Lady

A year has passed since she cut her silver cord divinely styled on May 30 that always will be remembered as the day Curaçao burnt racial and labor injustice to ashes in ’69, to fly up to higher spiritual realms leaving behind a legacy of feminine Black intellectual emancipatory militancy.
An elegant Papiamentu warriorette Drs. Joceline Clemencia conscious of her influential role during times when taking a pro independence stance biggin’ up our Afro-Curaçaoan identity was considered an academic mortal sin.

Sanctifying a heroine like Joceline Clemencia and other historic figures who with their inexhaustible spirits gave so much to love up our people through their unchained teachings, stumble and steps in life is of the essence to compensate the colonial narrow mindness and reinstall that vanglorious glow many tried to jux while alive.

Right now with this sovereign minded government the emphasis must be on blowing up local, regional and international attention for leaders like Joceline Clemencia to the 25th power. Her historical importance enhances the emancipative state of mind. Check out how she tried to flip the script from the days she was a teacher at Peter Stuyvesant College and rebelled against the colonial name and its Dutch educational house servant system. To the paramount foundation for the Papiamentu educational sector she helped to lay down, the individual acts of helping out unemployed welfare mothers, getting people hyped to food sovereignty planting veggies and fruits in their own yards or that bold futuristic move in 2005, a decolonization diva entering the governor’s palace walking regally towards Dutch prime minister Balkenende reading him the independence declaration of Curaçao.

While battling with illness she still was out there hired as an cultural expert reconditioning Dutch colonial supermarket managers and empowering the Black Curaçaoan employees with subservient morale which can be seen in the controversial and confrontational Dutch documentary ‘Curaçao’.

Even now those that be running that independence marathon they got layers of colonialism that need to be peeled off to pop off a rejuvenated version of liberation culture and the humble of heart will definitely take notes of how she did her sovereignty shuffle and not to forget almost exclusively off her own uniqueness internationalized the struggle by linking up with the region and worldwide. Something that to this day is unequaled, often yapped about but hardly even tried by the new independentistas.

So all praises due to one of our
ancestors most loyal stalwart a crusader against
educational apartheid navigating away from that Dutch colonial masochistic state of mind. Always stressing we should write our own history and rewrite the colonial dutch documented and audio visual history of Curaçao. Papiamentu lover number one, royal boss lady Joceline Clemencia, saludo sigi briya*

}If she was alive would she be fuming seeing how people be clowning around now that they have a golden opportunity to control their fate?

}You remembered how her Independence institute would be in the same street as hotel Kura Hulanda owner Dutch capitalist barbarism freak- Mr. Jacob Gelt Dekker and how she eloquently would tongue whup his ass?

}How long will it take before her biography is in the bookstore and on dvd’s?

}Any presentations, panel discussions this year? Scholars, activists anyone?

}Pledges to fund a Joceline Clemencia statue, school, institute?

}That ’07 FOL alliance had some tripping though?

}Where them new feminine independentistas at yo?

Reprogram Educational System 2012: The Battle Of The Brave

Sitting inside of a Curacao class room must be a hell of a Dutch colonial drug. For the teacher and students. I might be wrong but that’s why we have the first of December every year to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our school systems. National education day should not just be a moment to celebrate 40 years of existence of teacher’s union SITEK. Not feeling their leadership and Maestronan Prekupa (Worried Teachers) movement spokesperson Mrs. Marbella Felipa reconfirms my suspicion that SITEK led by Mr. Lio Plantijn lacks vision, determination to bring real educational reform.

Our minister of Education Mr. Lio Jansen an ex head of school knows exactly what’s up. Member of the Pueblo Soberano party that always promoted radical educational change to form the independently thinking and acting Yu di Korsou (Curacaoan) this willful boycott to organize a debate a conference a discussion platform on the national day of education is once again a complete deception.

Our youth needs to get more verbal and demand their rights to enjoy quality education within this Dutch Kingdom. Check the student protests in Chili, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico. How you learning from Dutch textbooks, doing exams created in the Netherlands but you are not receiving the same quality and educational tools as the Dutch students?
Teachers are censoring themselves and can’t seem to come up with the courage to start overthrowing this educational dictatorship installed by public and catholic school boards.

The system is vicious and brain drain is a real life nightmare where yearly 200/300 students leave Curacao (and most of them) to literally live and die
In the Netherlands.

Yesterday was TEDxCuracao (The Elite Doing-business) any presentations about education?

The three coalition leaders: Wiels, Schotte, Cooper are they aware of the essential role educational reform plays in a decolonization era?

Do we have a mediocre media lustful of cheap politics where education issues does not sell?

Why is a rural area like Banda Bou tormented with poor quality education?

Do you even care?

You can’t kill my heroes and heroines

3rd of October 1795 was the day the Dutch chose to have Tula and the rest of our liberation warriors executed after they revolted against the Dutch slavery system on the 17th of August.

I first learned about this some years ago from Joceline Clemencia during one of her interviews. I was a bit ashamed to not be aware of the physical dissappearance of our heroes. At times fogged by daily life I have forgotten to honour this day to the lives of our ancestors who valued sacrifice over submission but its process and step by step I’m learning to remember and commemorate.

One of the main reasons you forget about the killings of our freedom fighting warriors easily is because we have a cultural self-esteem deficient media. Sunday is the only time a few hours are dedicated to our rich culture. Elia Isenia is one of them and Glen Thomas once a while.

I would pay good money to hear a radio documentary about how exactly Tula and his thoroughbred warriors were confronted with death. I guess the intellectuals that organize 3rd of October as a day of solemn remembrance with a march starting from Fort Amsterdam the governors palace to Rif where the bodies were dumped in the sea never thought of this idea yet.

The new emancipation minded government also dissappointed by not giving this historic date any attention and they have the authority to do a national broadcast of one hour per day.

Eyebrows raised why during moments of vanglorious emancipatory the minister of education, culture, sports and science Mr. Lionel Janssen refuses to use this hour to spread the message about our heroes?
Could it be he lacking a cultural connection or is being doubtful of the educative value the root of this grave disrespect?

We accostumed the previous government grinding soullessly their cultural ignorance to uplift Dutch values like Queens Day but many of us expected a change to rename a school from Peter Stuyvesant to Dr. Alejandro Paula is not enough.

You need to incorporate that freedom fighting theory and practice into your school curriculum. It means breathe life into your political sweet talking words and verbs.

Same fact flavouring for our highly influential intellectuals who desire to rehabilitate Tula. If a group effort to fund one hour for tv/radio or two print pages in one/two of our newspapers remains unsuccessful there must be something so ridiculously wrong to remain in the realms of incapability of putting a little spotlight on the history of Tula on the 3rd of October.

Really if a Dutch European lady like Els Langefeld manages to publish one article a month about life of the enslaved in Curacao (which by the way if you agree or not with its content should be translated to Papiamentu) this clan of prominent cultural historic thinkers could smoothly arrange this every week without any problem.

Media owners don’t see the potential in history or culture. Last week we had culture week. The next one is next year, Tula, culture is not bringing any advertising money. Politics, breaking news broadcasts is.

Don’t you all think the younger and new generation hasn’t suffered enough of cultural education sabotage?