30 Di Mei 1969, Reliving A Revolt With An Afro-Curaçaoan Neocolonial Pimp Limp (?)

Dutch colonial alchemy is a Punda and Otrobanda inferno lit by racial and labor beef from an oppressed Afro-Curacaoan community co-instigated by Dutch and Jewish Creole and American entrepreneurs in the late sixties. Tolerated on the sly by the Catholic church except for a few with hardbody theology liberation character like Monseigneur Dr. Amado Römer described in his book ‘Kòrsou Den Siglo XX, Desaroyo di Un Pueblo òf Tragedia?’ ( Curaçao in the 20th century, Development of people or tragedy?):

“It has been foretold, that Curaçao would go through a nightmare never before experienced, but no one would or maybe could believe it. Impossible as it seemed, that explosion on the thirtieth of May 1969 was a changing point in our history.

The people of the sixties were not any more the humble and peaceful, submissive population of the beginning of the century. No social educa tio n had ever taken place before and everything looked like being under control of the rich and powerful. All of a sudden the rebellious young population and colored people did not accept any more humiliation. Among the leaders were laborers and others who were not satisfied with what was going on. Mostly those youngsters who studied abroad and had no direct contact with the local situation and experienced the aftermath of the Second World War in Europe, even some intellectuals and politicians, had shown a rebellious attitude. Earlier in the beginning of the sixties this had resulted in the formation of the U.R.A.-party (unity and reform going hand in hand). It may have been too early in the given circumstances. These courageous young men were the new mixture of people composing the new population (out of some 50 nationalities in the total of 145,000 inhabitants of the island).

The economy not aware of the changes in the world in labor relationships and with no real vision of the possibilities was still dreaming of times past as during and right after the Second World War. So the same way persisted, firing and hiring at will, no laws were conceived to protect workers and the situation grew terribly difficult as the refinery went on with automation and rationalization. It looked like the economy was paralyzed.

In politics the eternal play of submission and sometimes even abuse (not even legal action was always possible) dragged on and the influence of politics upon the labor unions seemed like the ordinary and usual way of handling the public. With the explosion that took place a breakaway of these unions made a new way of handling politics necessary. The first new Prime Minister and Governor and other dignitaries, members of the working class or their offspring, (often colored people) were now possible. The confusion, however, was still there, as people had not been educated for the new role they were to play, certainly not socially though technically they might be on a par with all others.

Religion remained as during the revolt, hidden in the rectories and the sacristies of the churches. The bishop who lost his home in the tire and the best kept archives of maybe the whole Caribbean, wrote a pastoral letter to all, asking for a total conversion looking to the needs of every member of the community and not so much looking for scapegoats, but this was not accepted nor even read by some of the clergy, who thus separated themselves from the community.”

~How is it possible that political parties seated with a so-called emancipation consciousness refuse to pay radio/tv air time and dedicate special programming on this historical day?

~ Pueblo Soberano fearful to ‘fast’ their daily radio shows for a week and finance together with MAN, MFK a 30 di Mei Foro to stimulate our minds?

~ PAR, PNP neglected the people for years on this historic date, what is the exact difference with the new coalition?

~ PS, MAN, MFK and union leadership were given 18 months to prepare small but powerful biographies on various key players of the May 30 revolt but we ain’t seen nothing happening to respect, honor and educate our peoples about the lives of Mac Alberto
Amado Römer
Bebe Rojer
Papa Godett
Oscar Semerel
Mac Alberto
Boy Spencer
Willy Haize
Dixie Blaize
Emily Henriquez
Stanley Brown
Ewald Ong a Kwie
Amador Nita
Reggie Venloo
Hein van Sichem
Geraldina i Gutiérrez
Etc. Etc.

~ Walk your talk with a neocolonial limp trying to convince who?

~ NO ta keda NO te den port’i shelu berdat?


Dutch Distortion and Neo-Colonial Lenses: Pulp journalists vs Emancipatory Truth Seekers

Whenever the Dutch media is on an iron blue bird voyage from Amsterdam to make a tv report on our island they usually prepare during the 9 hour flight to the best of their media frame agenda ability. Its a mediaphrodite battle, their heart beats investigative journalism truth but sensationalism clocks €uros and the latter sporadically loses. Polygoon journals 2.0 where the Curacaoan subjects gets to speak if it sustains and enhances the neo-colonial glare.

The fuss and fury about recent Dutch media colonialism is normal but time has come to start aiming our emo heat towards native media and governmental powers. Retaliatory unbiased reports of Dutch maladministration should not be feared. Constant Dutch media accountability by our media needs to be disciplined. Instead of creating support media systems to counterattack, the government and private sector can choose to ignore the pauper Dutch media reports, but in the end they will have to take the political and economical blows. The ruling MFK, PS, MAN coalition will continue to fight to stay in the peoples grace if they don’t make any effort to show their anti-neocolonial media fangs. Emancipatory policy on paper and by mouth but you need to back that up with reactionary and pre-emptive media moves.

~• That Robby’s and Joe Black lottery money would help to set up a media fund right?

•~ Slavery and colonialism still making Curacao media nervous? That’s why they scared to pick up a phone and question their Dutch colleagues?

~• Why Secretary-General Stella van Rijn or MFK party members won’t sling an ethic fail complaint with the association of Dutch journalists?

~• Dutch journalists on the island lost telephone number of KRO Brandpunt team?

~• The picture of prime minister Schotte hand picked by KRO really helped that Good Fella frame eh?

Frente Sivil: A pressure group swinging a coup d’etat’ saving us from political ‘gangsters’?

The upsurge of a culture of fear seems to be a myth considering yesterdays successful pressure groups ‘Frente Sivil’ political rally to overthrow the MFK, PS, MAN government at the central union SSK building attended by a self estimated 2000 plus sympathizers. The previous rally held in december 2011 at Alameda was over the 1000 supporters indicating our young democracy is brittle but growing vibrant.

Okey doke pressure groups usually air grievances against a government but lock lips to beef with finance czars or corporate monarchs influencing our sociopolitical climate.

The novice bourgeois alliance pressure group ‘Frente Sivil’ speakers mimicked the same offensive insulting rhetoric they accused the seated government of for 18 months. That’s why critical observers gave them the side eye yesterday as the naming and shaming stand ups got applauded grandiose by the crowd. The reigning smack gospel eclipsed their democratic stratagem to weigh in more people power to the political decision making process.

Yesterday instead of bourgeois brouhaha supposed to be the perfect platform to take off the political fanatic blindfold and start discussing solutions to eradicate the Curacao crabs in a barrel politrix for once and infinite. People ran their mouths but were too shook to mention how Venezuela’s revocative referendum is a legit model to topple a ‘mafia’ government? A new modernized 21st century democratic participatory constitution. A new people empowered electoral system. A new media policy engaging critical citizens preventing them to entrap themselves in these old putrid patterns.

As for the so much talked about culture of fear. Pueblo Soberano the so-called socialist radical revolutionaries do be scared to actually flex some of those Latin American/Caribbean revolutionary hustles to force change for the sufferers. They might be stuck in that urban Willy Lynch myth maze. Now who going to shake down Wiels to return back to the noble social justice emancipating essence?

Keep in mind though that the marginalized, the strugglers out here their hourglass is running out of sand soon. Famed Tambu singer Pincho done told you: “Basta papia pone kabesnan huntu, Ban goberna Korsou, ken a hasi ken a laga hasi no ta nos asuntu” (Enough talking, let’s put heads together, govern Curacao, who did this who didn’t do that ain’t our business).

Recap time: If pressure groups say cabinet Schotte are mobsters then governor Frits Goedgedrag who approved the questionable minister team is a mafioso representing the Dutch mafia queen Beatrix who dropped by for an official head of state Dutch Caribbean ‘gang land’ visit last October. Salute.

[~] Why #Curaçao’ans act like they don’t have complexes during a political rally? So Blackface Zwarte Piet is not a racist colonial drone and completely ok to them?

[~] What’s the deal with bourgeois folks thinking their Dutch god complexed mind makes Curacao so much more superior than the rest of the Caribbean islands?

[~] Thank Goddess Jossy Rosales couldn’t be fooled by pied piper Onni Gonett.

[~] Lent is bringing out political fuckery instead of spiritual tranquility?

[~] Will Frente Sivil question TeleCuracao or remain silent on their televised dictatorship to get political news coverage?

[~] @RebelCapitalist is correct: “Our political and economic systems are reflexive of another both are corrupt and don’t work for most people.”?

[~] PM Schotte last minute energy manegement press conference was a pauper damage control scheme. 90 minutes show time quite ridiculous, say word?

Schotte, Martelly, Baby Doc Duvalier. Charisma Caribbean Politics and Neo-Hypercolonial Rat-Tat-Tat-Tats

During the installation of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega prime minister Gerrit Schotte clicked with Haitian president Michel Martelly and invited him to come to Curacao.

Wednesday February 8 he arrived and was received by his compatriots in the heart of downtown Curacao at Plasa Brion. Martelly a Kompa singer flaunted his performance skills and made the crowd go crazy with a mix of speech and song.

Let’s not get it twisted. US Foreign Policy ‘elected’ the new Haitian president Michel ‘Mickey’ Martelly. I got love for the Haitian massive on the island but ‘Sweet Mickey’ has to reconstruct Haiti within the boundaries of US interests and if he decides to bounce off and flip the US Foreign Policy they will remove ‘Tete Kale’ (Kreyol for bald head).

Even though Schotte who has been locked into a criticism choke hold since the 10-10-10 minister screening-gate by elite opposition party PAR, Dutch members of Parliament, establishment pressure groups and their media allies his political footwork is fancy and keeps on making regional power connections. Geo-political aesthetics is great, a solid move to be seen amid Caribbean and Latin American leaders but its meaningless if your own people are media wise kept out of their own regional loop.

These so-called critical opposition vessels claiming the Schotte cabinet is corrupt full of crooks and a disgrace for the international community. Of course before the coalition formation these accusations were non-existent. Remember what Dutch multimillionaire Jacob Gelt Dekker wrote about minister Hakim in his FTM(Follow The Money) column? He insinuated Hakim was Hamas affiliated and out to ethnically cleanse the Jews in Curacao. Then few months later he switched 180 degrees and been negotiating his economic sweetheart deal with Hakim for the love of money.

The political plot: How come these scrutinizing forces were unable to question prime minister Schotte as he welcomed president Martelly ( who repeatedly suggested a pardon or amnesty of Duvalier) who publicly is seen with (his mentor) ex dictator Baby Doc Jean Claude Duvalier in Haiti like nothing happened like nobody got terrorized, killed under his regime?

What happened to the omniscient Dutch media on this island? What the deal with Antilliaans Dagblad chief editor/owner Michael Willemse accustomed to write editorials putting Schotte on full blast holding him accountable for the infamous dubbed ‘screening-gate’? No letters to Amnesty International?
Papiamentu media thought leaders and so-called international connoisseurs like Jasmin Pinedo’s radio Direct and radio Z86 Orlando Cuales, Mariano Heyden all muted their critical observations suddenly?

Pressure groups held their first protest meeting ever, petition forms online and real life at supermarkets to demand a Dutch commissioned integrity investigation. So when a questionable president out of Haiti with ex dictator Baby Doc connection comes to visit gets received by the queen Beatrix representative governor Fritz Goedgedrag all critical systems go on automatic self censorship? A nation awarding impunity?

Once again I can’t exclude independentista leader and coalition member Helmin Wiels who as a fervent Obama and US Foreign Policy criticaster inexplicably spun his vociferous character out of vogue on the US marionette Martelly visit.

Hypocrisy 360 degrees reigns supreme.

Last year when ex dictator Baby Doc Duvalier returned from exile to Haiti I asked a Haitian how he felt. He told me how he as a kid hid in the bush and saw the Ton Ton Macoutes threw burning car tires around the necks of innocent people. That was then this is now so he desired to see Haiti shine as it once did as the first Black republic of the Western Hemisphere and seemed to prefer to forgive Baby Doc’s sins to ensure a glorious future for Haiti.

I can understand how some of the Haitian diaspora think like that, its the same way as the Suriname community ‘accept’ an ex dictator Bouterse as their president not looking back at the horrendous past.
Trying to understand yes but accepting it? No.

{•} Bo ta korda kon nan a tilda Wiels di ta un diktador?

{•} Kiko ta e kompromiso ku tur hende a laga nan kritika den e baki di Pontius Pilato?

{•} Hipokresia no a bai for di moda ainda?

Y’all Got Fooled. 10-10-10 and Constitutional Bamboozle Bidness

It didn’t take a gigantic amount of courage for the corporate, political, religious, trade unionist and media sector to conspire against an insufficiently politically conscious public into creating false hopes as they were tricked into voting for an autonomous Curacao with unknown constitutional consequences on all levels of life during the referendum of 2005.

For decades they’re used to remixing the truth adjusted to their interests. 10-10-10 brought change to the melange of untruthfulness by having a sweeter taste because many sympathized with the victors. But you still know you are living a lie.

Political opposition parties MFK, PS, MAN who were violently against the Dutch government dictating the constitutional restructuring of the former Netherlands Antilles managed to win the elections in August 2010. Winning means forming a majority of seats to form a government. The PAR party won the most votes but arrogance and a mediocre poorly financed media campaign despite full backing of the business elite heralded their downfall.

One of the most heard opposition parties mantra was: “NO stays NO until the pearly gates” (No ta keda NO te na porta di Shon Arei) Meaning they were not going to accept the Dutch colonial imposed constitutional deal and reject it with all their political might.

In comes Nas: “A thug changes and love changes and best friend become strangers.”

Being the new anti-recolonization captains of a constitutional ship sailing the recolonization course their options were 1. Throw out the ankers postpone the country status birth Curacao renegotiate a deal with an emancipated feel with the Netherlands 2. Make your principals walk the plank sign the constitutional pact get that constitutional blood money eliminate PAR run them out of Fort Amsterdam forever by all means.

Electoral fraud committed? Yes. But that’s compromising politricks.

One year after 10-10-10.
They still whipping us with a refurbished copy paste Dutch colonial constitution. Same old problematic political coalition system. New government old tricks new business elite same greediness as their predecessors.
Media needs a restructuring but we’ll get back to them soon though. Justice system still oppressive just like education for our youths.

Will we give them time to realize they better start making governmental power moves to enrich our standard of life by living out that revolutionary social justice braggadociousness as they confront the economic and financial elite and Holland? Yes. But not as muzzled faced bystanders because two decades of neoliberal wickedness is more than enough.

Shon and Katibu in the Dutch Divide and Conquer Neo-Naive Colonialism Party

Constitutional crisis management comes into play when Dr. Emsley Tromp the Central Bank president of Curacao and Sint Maarten accuses his prime minister Gerrit Schotte, finance minister Jamaloodin and minister of economic development Mr. El Hakim of corruptive acts on two anti-government radio’s Direct and Z86.

Prime minister Schotte attacks Dr. Tromp back on tv waving with suspicious private bank accounts talking about shady loans and transfers, pension fund, clothing store constructions.

For reasons unknown the prime minister requests the Dutch government to help out in this self made crisis and ends up with an imposed Dutch committee with a “task limited to what has happened, what is now going on, how the peace can be re-established and how to ensure a proper debate as well as good governance in Willemstad” according to the Dutch minister of kingdom relations Mr. Piet Heyn Donner.

The integrity committee headed by ex Green Left politician Mr. Paul Rosenmoller and publicly known in Holland as a representative of the cleptomania culture was suspect from jump.

Very important detail is that the royal decree for the committee was officialized August 17th.

The committee had one mission: stir up political emotions, make the prime minister and his MFK party ministers look like crooks and sanctify the Central Bank president.

After a few days when the Rosenmoller committee presented the report named ‘Do It Yourself’ and it got known via a leaked memo that the Dutch government wouldn’t be that reluctant to use Kingdom Charter article 43 the Guarantee Function to intervene a political hell breaks lose.

The independent party Pueblo Soberano leader Mr. Helmin Wiels opposed strongly from day one and never recognized the committee. But in the past the same Wiels has labeled them as shady ministers so the consistency steps aside to fight the Dutch government as one team with his new found temporarily brotherly coalition family.

You could ask yourself how come Wiels wasn’t capable to prevent an unexperienced prime minister like Mr. Schotte to fall into the constitutional clutches of the Dutch government?

Everybody recognizes the picture being painted by Rosenmoller. Yes we got plenty integrity obstacles to get rid off but as a nation in becoming since 10-10-10 at least half of the island’s blood is boiling when Dutch Europeans come to tell you how you should govern your country.

Half of the electorate won’t accepted it when the Dutch government meddles in their autonomous affairs and threatens to ignore the Kingdom Charter and politically invade the island like the British did in Turks and Caicos islands. People prefer a young fresh new government with integrity beef over a 16 year old integrity problematized government. That’s word to Boelie van Leeuwen who partially understood our genial anarchy.

One of the main political bouts of the opposition parties was the screening process that took place before the 10-10-10 government
installment. The dispute for weeks was that the ministers hadn’t finished the screening procedure to the end.

The governor represents the queen. Ministers who didn’t fully pass screening got sworn in with royal blessings from queen Beatrix and crown prince Willem-Alexander who all had to be thoroughly informed that one of the MFK party main financial supporter Mr. Robby Dos Santos was under investigation of money laundry and tax evasion months before the 2010 elections.

Anyone claiming the ministers Jamaloodin, El Hakim and prime minister Schotte be corrupt should add the Curacao intelligence security service (VDC), the public prosecutor, governor Frits Goedgedrag, the Dutch government, crown prince Willem-Alexander and ultimately queen Beatrix to that corruption list.

Those that paid attention like ex prime minister Suzy Camelia-Romer declared in Antilliaans Dagblad that Rosenmoller had no authority to do an integrity investigation here based on article 38 of the Kingdom Charter.
This was never questioned by the Dutch or Papiamentu media.

You should ask yourself why Ms. Camelia-Romer who was an advisor during the constitutional reshuffling process didn’t write a protest the moment she realized the Dutch government violated the Kingdom Charter?

How come the media didn’t consult other constitutional law experts in Curacao and Holland to take a deeper look at this case like they did before the referendum of 2005 and 2009? Should the media also get an integrity investigation?

Its unthinkable that Paul Rosenmoller rocking a left wing ideology wasn’t aware of the high degree of difficulty to play the role of a neo-colonial crisis manager in a divided country caused by ideologic constitutional differences.

It was a neo colonial calculated move to brew up a political riot safeguarding Dr. Emsley Tromp’s presidential Central Bank image who received the previous PAR-PNP-FOL government appraisal for his strong lobby efforts with the Dutch ex minister of finance Mr. Gerrit Zalm that according to them resulted in a €1.5bn debt relief for the Netherlands Antilles.

And don’t forget the John Deuss case the multi-millionaire owner of the First Curaçao International Bank (FCIB) accused of a €1.100 billion carousel fraud which could never had happened without Dr. Tromp turning his cheek in a continuous smoothened out period of six years.

There is more constitutional friction to be expected and hopefully more Kingdom Council memo’s will leak like the one of plenipotenciary minister Sheldry Osepa that opens the eyes of many that blindly defend Dutch interests out of misguided colonial sentiments.

Lessons for the Dutch government: You don’t flirt around with the idea of intervening, you don’t adamantly demand to start any type of investigation on autonomous or municipal/open entity model territories in the Caribbean. Neo-naive colonial arrogance attitude works contraproductive dealing with a nation who yet has to confront its post-slavery scabs.

Its those scabs that made it possible for minister Sheldry Osepa to gently warn the Kingdom Council in The Hague that article 43 Dutch intervention could trigger a second May 30th revolution as it did in 1969.

Them same old scabs Helmin Wiels used to brazenly threaten the Dutch that if they dared to intervene he and many others would be prepared to die for Curacao and would send the Dutch back in bags.

If the Netherlands really are interested in good governance they should help establishing new and fortifying older democratic institutions, create participatory democratic tools, assure growth of civic society and most important contribute to a realization of an independization process for the media.

Will that ever happen in the nearby future? No never unless we make popular pressure effective and start learning how to spit our pseudo-constitution, Kingdom Charter articles, United Nations treaties from the top of our domes during our emancipatory voyage.

Dutch White Privilege within the Curacao Court of Justice

An unexpected new political order for the establishment brings friction. Always.

Character assasination schemes in order to put old and new rusty leaders aside, verbal hostile climates, absence of journalistic poise, ethnic polemics, political slander-fests are inevitable if you have not explored the history of slavery and colonialism throughout the Caribbean.

Ever since the abolition of slavery the elite status holding hierarchy’s imput has been scarce to structurally built a harmonious wealth distributing society. Hence what we experience had to happen mandated by the socio-economic laws of nature.

A figurehead of the disposed ruling class like the president of the Bar association Mr. Karel Frielink criticizing prime minister Gerrit Schotte and Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels for the glory high of political machismo won’t change this so-called tense labeled situation we are in.

Even if he has some valid points his argumented fallacies outweigh the speech given last week during the installment of new judges for the court of justice by courting a collective neo-colonial mindset unabled to assimilate Curacao reality.

A Dutch European lawyer indiscriminately lambasting a prime minister and a party leader in front of four innocent new judges (one local, three Dutch Europeans) indoctrinating them from day one how to judicially digest post-colonial power struggles from a sole Dutch white privileged position is borderline dangerous.

New colonial paternalistic Dutch media coverage on the island only willingfully feeding a cultural feud is ‘peligroso’ too.

Mr. Frielink correctly emphasized in his introduction that our society still carries the marks of slavery but by being the president of the Bar you are not allowing any of the local lawyers a chance to aspire that leadership role position consequently the image stays carved in by maintaining the old colonial social constructs purposely.

By not willing to speak our language Papiamentu therefore incapable to debate and defend his views and critique in Papiamentu media he commits social censureship and this automatically frames himself again into a neo-colonial sphere.

The outrage expressed by the public and local progressive minded lawyers could have been less if he had just taken Papiamentu classes years ago. His speech would be entirely different and enriched with real life unifying pleas if he had consulted sociologists, cultural anthropologists, historians to deepen out and profoundly understand this historic transcending moment we all are witnessing.

Until this constant deep rooted Dutch European naivety blended with superiority feelings is adressed on a public platform corrected and replaced with a new historically mature understanding state of mind this ‘Krioyo’ race and class warfare will not stop to exist.




IMF and the flexibilization of slave wages in Curacao and St. Maarten

Yesterday an IMF delegation presented their 2011 Article IV Consultation Discussions: Preliminary Conclusions with the usual rhetoric, cut, reform, kill mantra.

Our people deserve to be informed but first these journalists need to get their financial investigative report hustle on. Very timid. Anti-government media been spinning a Florin devaluation story. Pro-government made no effort to break down the financial reality and solutions and journalistic defiance to inspire the average wo/man to think, analyze differently. Maybe this morning when we wake up we will realize that these programmed Washington DC economists are not gods.

7AM –
Monetary 3 piece
suited bandits on
oligarchic airwaves
plot to make
your broke ass
think you really
have to lower
your standard
of living.
You got a 2010
Porsche Cayenne
My sister friend
got to get up
at 4AM to bathe
her seeds,
make breakfast
take them
to school
by bus.
Banda Bou
But in Ogum
she trust.

They want a
labor market
We desire
the future
petite bourgeoisie
class suicide
Liberalize the
banking sector
That’s peace to
Amilcar Cabral.

the Nouveau’s Riche
IMF never
told you
policies kill?
Go ask
and ’em
My soldiers got
Frantz Fannon
fatiques on and
live by
Shon Cola
Tambu wisdom.
We all
Paulo Freire pugilists
making these
Florin devaluation
devils kiss the canvas.
Konjo bo mama’s spewed
Y’all CAN’T
The exploitation of
a working class nation
IMF -International
Monetary Fampires-
told them jackal
journalists to tell
Central Bank
president dr. Tromp :
Thou shall not dollarize.
A Mangusa filled with
Pedagogy of the
Oppressed peas
last meal antics
for house slaves
thought police
Stop that Dutch
government d*ck
sucking doctrine,
n*gga please…