1942: A dutch Colonial Bloodbath in Curaçao


1942 dutch colonial murder

In the name of

dutch royal Shell,

queen Wilhelmina.


The colonial regime

in Curacao


Chinese workers

in 1942.

Acknowledging this bloody gruelsome act

and repairing it

is something the

dutch patron saints of human rights

have not found the humanity to do….

Myth Busting queen Beatrix the Royal Saviour of an Impoverished Dutch Caribbean

Queen Beatrix Dutch royalty ratchedness. No aid to equip or university to advance education wise.
Look at for example University of the West indies and ours. We stuck in a time machine that’s our queen B.
No credit line thrown to rescue our art academy that got killed by the neoliberal budget guillotine in the beginning of the 21st century. She a patron saint of Dutch kingdom art but this highly informed lady of all local developments watched how Curacao’s artistis soul was butchered by a local and Dutch government and never gave a fuck. Why is our art industry underdeveloped? Why we have to beg for funds literally? Queen Beatrix was never busy protecting our rights.
Many more examples but these two are prime models of the Dutch monarchy fairytale that protects and ensures the rights and advancement of their citizens.
Check how 15 million euro is granted to Dutch professors for archeological research on the colonization of the Americas from a Caribbean-Indian historical perspective. See how our scholars can’t even get 100.000 euro to evaluate the Dutch failed decolonization process since 1954 from our Afro-Curacaoan angle.

Where can the public catch this glimpse of greatness of her majestic self? What she done? The constant myth creation that queen Beatrix ‘helped us and intervened’ many times during drama on her (ex) colonized territorries is debunked by the historical proof that 2013 human rights are violated; our prisons, our pensioners, our youth, our labour class rights are trampled by an elite ceconomic and Curacaoan, Dutch governmental forces. Her reign has never been evaluated from 1980 when she ascended the throne until 2013 on emancipatory progress. A historical morally aware queen would never allow the out of proportion blown Dutch commercial, political and cultural dominance on the islands. What’s the status? Where are the official decolonization reports after the slick lobbying efforts that made UN throw Neth Antilles off of the list of non self governance territories?

Compared to the British, Spanish, French how do we grade, calibrate the Dutch decolonization process? Where do we stand compared to the British that also have a monarch supervising?
No studies on this constant influx of
Dutch Corporate conquestadors unwilling to implement economic decolonization principles.

But for the sake of entertaining the fantasy that she meant so much to us, where can one find her quotes on the islands, her valuable imput, the royal fruits of her labor?

Out of all the trade missions during her 33 throne hustling career which one in 3 decades has benefitted the Caribbean parts? Which mission had delegates from the Caribbean islands? Where are the economic studies to confirm that these state visits threw dollars in the treasury box of Curacao?

Since 2010 this Dutch queen Beatrix could not protect the rights of the BES (Bonaire, Statia, Saba) islands of 21.000, that are being tormented by Dutch constitutional Apartheid. What you expect from her son Willem-Alexander?

But yo it took a Dutch health inspector a few months to cause ruckus in the elite health sector weeding out fraud and malpractices that left deadly victims what a Dutch queen couldn’t take care of in 33 years.

Long live the struggling people of Curacao.