Femicide A Formula To Stop and Give Women Their Wings Back

Pic: Neilweg, http://www.kibrandogritunansilensio.com

‘Mama ta ko’i stima’ ( A mother is something to love)

Happy Mothers Day, blissful Goddess Day yeah, but we losing our women out here. Shit tastes bitter. Curacao Friday woke up once again mourning: Man stabbed his ex to death. Men with hurt harts, jealous eyed souls turning into straight vengeful killers. They shooting and slicing our women up and police, ministers of justice and social affairs, women department, politicians and media be on that “Ah whatever life goes on, it ain’t my wife, side chick, mama, sister, aunt, cousin, niece so f-ck you”. We super-normalizing an abnormality, the cruelty of a man that sits and wait to creep and violently murder his prey early in the morning before she leaves out for work. We tune into a channel and there’s not too much indignation about it. No mass editorials, special tv items, no talk show topics no hosts calling femicide experts,psychologists or woman rights advocates. Where are the university lectures? School debates, prevention, behavior awareness programs at work?

Women within the media have various shot calling muscles that are not being flexed, egos getting high of sensationalism news while constant solidarity and upliftment of women should top rank. Germaine Hart at CBA television barely a year in the game struggling to stay alive but still could squeeze some ‘wake the hell up’ spots into the minds of her viewers. I see co-owner Jasmin Pinedo at Direct 107.1 flirting with the old elite doing that political coup two step but urgent women issues is not getting a prominent spotlight.
Valeska Diaz chief editor at the biggest newspaper Extra tolerating the print silence on womanhood and all their struggles, no conscious structural effort over there.
There’s Nataly Doran at Mas99 who does have a women program on tv but as station manager on her dial has not been pushing the women abuse agenda on the regular. Helen Hoyer daughter of radio making pioneer Horacio Hoyer also is not using her feminine power to the advancement of women on a full permanent scale.

Same thing for the top two christian radio’s: New Song and Deltha directors Papi Esprit and Aishel Isenia refuse or are not walking that illuminated godly path to invest in sanctifying the body and mind of women in our community. Pissy power drunk of that baby Jesus wine instead of leading a visionary true bible fearing broadcast station.

Showbiz & A.G. ‘The world is listening’ — “Moms boyfriend was a violent offender//He said he never hit her, n-gga lyin’, I remember// How could you hurt somethin’ precious and tender?//
Protective it made me, my sisters husbands hate me..” [c] A.G.

Singers, songstress, popular bands, rappers, artists what’s going on?
The ‘I’m not here to sing and educate’ motto is getting played out. Are we helping our society with the overdoses of meaningless songs? Music and art are powerful impacting agents which make me pheen for a part 2 of Mc Chris Strick and Janiro’s ‘Pimpollo’ from their 2009 collabo album ‘O.N.E.’ that spoke specifically about a woman struggle. Artist influence weighs a ton on the daily life of everyday people, its unthinkable, borderline inhumane that after various women being abused, raped, assassinated no popular Ritmo Kombina, Comeback, Rap group, Tambu gruponan or singer haven’t and ain’t planning to drop a social commentary single on this.

We are not going to work this out without holding people accountable until then it’s up to us to choose between that mental prosperity matrice or the mammon modules.

[-] Update: Jeanne Henriquez of the National Alliance against child abuse, domestic violence emphasizes that we urgently need law proposals for ‘domestic abuse and femicide. May 28/29 WTC a national conference for NGO’s and professionals.

»» Gigi, Jill Frans, Ilvia, Izaline, Elia Isenia, Mami Luv, Anaira Nivelac, Liesje Liespiers, Melania van der Veen, Kyla Ursula anyone?

»» Do we have any young fresh new feminists out here?

»» Extra not even one editorial?

»» Dutch local media are you paying attention?