Golden Filigrana Chains

Life lessons labyrinth
Young blood squinted eyes
Extortioning reality
With tears
Daddy just died
Choirs of wailing women
Amulets round navels
White candles lit
the spirit flight
Golden Filingrana chains
swinging from the necks
of angels.

Thrown in the dungeon
Patron come crawling out
Caught in the jungle
We come swinging out
In the ghetto trapped
All of us aiming bucking
blasting, blood pouring out.

Giambo heads steady
licking heels
for social mobility
Haiti still suffering
watch them throw Vodun drones
at Obama & Hillary
Underground economies
unlike the ministers
keep the hood fed.
Demeanor be
Felix Chakutoe
port strike units
Donisio and them
still driving ’69 Buicks
That racial inferno year
we bit back at
the masters from
the land of tulips.

Thrown in the dungeon
Patron comes crawling out
Caught in the jungle
We come swinging out
In the ghetto trapped
All of us aiming bucking
blasting, blood pouring out.

Freedom fever
glowing foreheads
Self providing
communes on
spiritual war paths.
Invincible memories
on clouds.
Mama’s lips pout,
somewhere a child cries.
7.30AM school class
starts feeding kids lies.
Stuff them with
Soda pop poison,
greasy food
Listen look
Ya elders had
Decolonized diets
Before yo young
ole ass
ate the truth
And you still blindly
believe them health gangsters
they making fortunes while
our mothers dying from
all sorts of cancers….

Thrown in the dungeon
Patron comes crawling out
Caught in the jungle
We come swinging out
In the ghetto trapped
All of us aiming bucking
blasting, blood pouring out.

Street boys logic
rob Boolchenat
50-50 if caught
Still 3x a day a
meal in Piskelat
Others fade
aim their hustle
at self mastering
Tobo get coronated
by lambskin
Drug money got
reina chiki living out
her dreams while
Pedo pastors in
the tabernacle
be cackling.
White gods escape routes
Sprinkle Florida water,
3 mango’s
and bible verses
For a higher purpose
Vigil and prayer
Amado Romer
with the speed of
Goddess light
reincarnates back
into pastor Curtis.

Thrown in the dungeon
Patron comes crawling out
Caught in the jungle
We come swinging out
In the ghetto, trapped
All of us aiming bucking
blasting, blood pouring out.


Chela Ze Zeila

Den mas brisa
mas godem
pusha kara na laira
Legumai trastorno
No worri ku sen
Tuma un kurashi
Bo karakter ta bunita
No hoga den ferdrit
Uniform i buki di skol
Kur outo
No ta problema
Chelo trankil por bai
Mgr. Verriet.
di un muhe
Pa alegra bida di
bo yunan
Tantu envidia
Nan no sa
mes kiko
ba pasa den
Bisinjanan ta
nan kara dera
den BB plama
redu via ping.
Seh mi sa ku
7 florin pa ora
ta un miserabel pa
mantene un famia
Vanddis no ke hisa
salario, ba bai radio,
korant pero nan tur
ta dek pa otro
Vontje a bisami dia
e gana premio mayo
di lotto. E mes lo bai
kumpra voto. Bira
minpres buta ko’
kambia. Ba tende
Melania ta kana trai
gainan chiki di Maridol
ta pasa Ganja?
Liesje falta 3 luna pa
duna lus i Blue Bay
resort ta kla pa kite.
Te konei ta hasi
ku nan tin rabia
riba makamba.
Bo sa si noh..
Den de Savaan
hombu ta tira su
muhe mata despues
e mes den kabes.
Mi ta bisabu amor
ta un ko’ hopi konjo
si bo no por kontrole.
Djis wak tio Edmundo
kiersa ta gai yon e ta,
purba di tofer ku
e mucha ku ta kore
bus di Ront kaminda
e no por ni urina.

Tende’ki boka bondadoso
ta spierta: kuidou ku
hende sin skrupulo
Mas sabi ku Nanzi
gobernantenan pishido
karson pa responsabilisa
gobiernu Ulanda ta
kastiga gran ku tan-tan
subi edat di penshun
sin a sorru pa lei di
eksistensia minimo.
Media ku mal airu
hunga rol djis paso
nan tin TDS i a lesa
un buki skibi pa Obama.
Ai ki falta e hendenaki ehh
Nan mama… Ku birgensita
i nan orashon wisiwas
Pa Korsou hanja fe i forsa?
Un krus i donder*

Reprogram Educational System 2012: The Battle Of The Brave

Sitting inside of a Curacao class room must be a hell of a Dutch colonial drug. For the teacher and students. I might be wrong but that’s why we have the first of December every year to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our school systems. National education day should not just be a moment to celebrate 40 years of existence of teacher’s union SITEK. Not feeling their leadership and Maestronan Prekupa (Worried Teachers) movement spokesperson Mrs. Marbella Felipa reconfirms my suspicion that SITEK led by Mr. Lio Plantijn lacks vision, determination to bring real educational reform.

Our minister of Education Mr. Lio Jansen an ex head of school knows exactly what’s up. Member of the Pueblo Soberano party that always promoted radical educational change to form the independently thinking and acting Yu di Korsou (Curacaoan) this willful boycott to organize a debate a conference a discussion platform on the national day of education is once again a complete deception.

Our youth needs to get more verbal and demand their rights to enjoy quality education within this Dutch Kingdom. Check the student protests in Chili, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico. How you learning from Dutch textbooks, doing exams created in the Netherlands but you are not receiving the same quality and educational tools as the Dutch students?
Teachers are censoring themselves and can’t seem to come up with the courage to start overthrowing this educational dictatorship installed by public and catholic school boards.

The system is vicious and brain drain is a real life nightmare where yearly 200/300 students leave Curacao (and most of them) to literally live and die
In the Netherlands.

Yesterday was TEDxCuracao (The Elite Doing-business) any presentations about education?

The three coalition leaders: Wiels, Schotte, Cooper are they aware of the essential role educational reform plays in a decolonization era?

Do we have a mediocre media lustful of cheap politics where education issues does not sell?

Why is a rural area like Banda Bou tormented with poor quality education?

Do you even care?

Afro-Curacaoan Comedy and Coonery Criticism in the Netherlands

The Curacaoan comedian Jandino Asporaat is on the island for five shows. Critical minds can’t take that Afro-Curacaoan mockery disguised as comedy.

The euro’s be coming in steady no doubt about that but the pay off also includes a systematic stereotype branding of the black Curacaoan living in the Netherlands inside the average Dutch white mind.

Two things caught my attention though: 1. His ‘Dino Show’ with sketches of Afro-Curacaoan, Afro-Surinamese, Indo-Surinamese and Ghanese characters is being prolonged on television by the same broadcasting company NTR that made the controversial Dutch Eurocentric slavery documentary ‘De Slavernij’.

2. The promo’s for his shows in Curacao is mostly to be heard on Dutch radio’s and Dutch newspapers excluding the Papiamentu media. Only Z86 the favourite radio listened by the ex-ruling elite as an exception.

Somewhere inside I die when I notice these commercialized rooted subliminals. Its like they saying: We only want ‘civilized’ Dutch speaking Afro-Curacaoans that won’t scare off our other target audience the Dutch Europeans residing on the island to come see the show.

Capitalizing off coonery is an art form too. I’m not claiming he does that all of the time but that is the first few impressions I got.

Doubtful are my feelings that the Afro-Dutch society understands and overstands the long lasting effects of comedy coon sessions in a white world like the Netherlands.

By not challenging artists like Jandino to polish his performances making it blend into a Dutch black self empowerment model we still be stuck in 2012 lightweight lamenting fucking Dutch racist bullshit like ‘Zwarte Piet’.

The moment we stop legitimizing everything that destroys our self image or stagnates it from growing will be the moment we win. The moment we smile.