The ‘Slavernij’ a Dutch god complex slavery documentary fiasco.

The impact of
allowing a
Dutch historian
claim during
a Dutch eurocentric
slavery documentary
that enslaved
were not picked out
and raped by
a Dutch governor
at Fort Elmina, Ghana is
racism finest.
Oh no written
West Indian Company
sources found.
Golden Century
Blood Showers
Dutch slavery
them days
was the lightest?
Consult the
Spiritual Truth
Telling Titans

The ‘Slavernij’ the ‘Slavernij’
Why the molest my ancestors mould?
The ‘Slavernij’ the ‘Slavernij’
Why the Dutch white privileged falsehood told?

The foulest thing be
emphasizing you
could accuse the
Dutch of a lot of
things but they
sure can’t be
for inventing
Ki konjo anto?
So effing what?
The Netherlands
was part of
the slave trade.
the economic
the profiting
from globalized
human piracy
Deifying the
slave master context
Did y’all see the glow on them professors faces?
Did you?

The ‘Slavernij’, the ‘Slavernij’
Peace to the Maafa millions

The ‘Slavernij, the ‘Slavernij’
Ever read ‘Capitalism and Slavery’
Eric Williams?

Taking this inflammatory
Dutch history heist
to schools. Zoning
the youths into
your superiority
One hour Suriname
10 minutes Curacao
and nada nada
nada not a damn
Aruba Bonaire
Saba St Eustatius
St Maarten?
A 5 hour
documentary series
of what really
went down?
With Emmer,
Oostindie, Stipriaan
den Heijer-filters.
The saga of
subliminal human
contraband bandits

Slavery is of all ages?
Oh yes because
the Dutch enslaving
the black and white
minds via their
distorted Dutch
convenient history
The most valuable
historical documents
of slavery still in
their national archives
while it should be
in the hands of the
semi-ex Caribbean
enslaved colonies.

The ‘Slavernij, the ‘Slavernij’
Gritu of my ancestors overpower the whining “it was a commercial failure” whispers and hisses.

The ‘Slavernij, the ‘Slavernij’
After Santa and Christmas a racist kid feast Sinterklaas with Blackface Zwarte Piet is big business.

Dutch white professors
with conscious historical
Eugenics tactics
can never have
a prominent dominant
role in
the historical accurate
narratives of slavery
with or without approval of
Dutch Caribbean people.
Am I a racist? No.
I’m just bitterly desillusioned.

The ‘Slavernij, the slavernij’
Decolonize the lens love movements
The ‘Slavernij, the slavernij’
Catch wreck from House servant scholars mood swings.

The ‘Slavernij, the slavernij’
Sustainable reperations rebels.

The ‘Slavernij, the slavernij’
Cynthia McLeod thanking W.I.C. for slavery entreprises. Without them we would be ‘just a poor ass Sudanese or Ethiopian’.

The ‘Slavernij, the slavernij’
The Dutch god complex for ni~~as is the new colonialism opium.


Helengue Liberation Struggles

San Pablo rum junks
6am public housing
punch drunk
Helengue hearts
beef in the bario
i told u not to put
a hand on Celeste,
called the Police 2hrs ago
Jawbone bruised.
Her right eye is bleeding.
Sister in law is screaming.
Eeeeeeeppaaa Heyyy Iaaansaa/

Liberation struggles
San Pablo rum bottles
wetting up Tax reforms:
whoop 5% to a 6%
stone cold killer.
Plantation economies
honoring the fiscal
tax experts that
have a secret
‘shut the fuck up’ code.
If they break it they’ll
be banned to
the working class
slave wage hell
Ezili Danto keep
blessing UP
tent camps
feeding little
girls dreams
Let the educational
bi-lingual falsehood
fade out
When she grow up
with law books
under her arms
singing : Mommy
we gonna

Netherlands bans
Burkas and
Black #Curacao folks
Neo-Jew Stars on coats
If only only
Anna Frank could
rewrite her memoirs
Slavery paintings
on queen Beatrix
golden coach
Y’all a bunch
a lazy ass niggers
We took you out the jungle
Ci-vi-li-zed you
Thanks to us
you can eat
Clothes on your back
Nikes on your feet
Intellectuals up in the mix
Thesis, Essays, critique
I don’t care if
you have an
academic degree
All these fancy words
And verbs
can you get my
Peoples FREE?

She the baddest b*tch,
she ride or die
in her golden coach
She the baddest b*tch,
she ride or die
in her golden coach
She the baddest b*tch

‘Take the slavery image off the Golden Coach’


Take the slavery image off the Golden Coach:

That’s what activists say:
half-naked black people do not belong on the coach.

On the Golden Coach is a reference to our history of slavery and colonial times. Would Beatrix remove the wrong image? That is what Barryl Biekman (National Platform Slavery), Harry van Bommel (SP MP), Mariko Peters (Green MP) and Jeffrey Pondaag (Dutch Committee debt of honor) ask themselves today in the editorial pages of the print

Next week the golden coach will ride again through The Hague and thousands of day trippers will come to catch a glimpse of the queen. Budget Day this year will have a special character, as different political parties have made proposals to limit the power of the head of state. We want to put a critical note at the Golden Coach

The Golden Coach has become the symbol of the Dutch monarchy. The “Association of the Amsterdam People” wanted to give the coach to Queen Wilhelmina in 1898 for its inauguration. Wilhelmina felt little for it. Historians suspect that this reluctance stemmed from protests some years earlier in the Netherlands against the exaggerated pomp of the coronation, of Czar Nicholas the Second.

The Golden Coach is a typical Dutch product, developed by the brothers Spyker in the Dutch Renaissance style. That was the style of the Golden Age of colonial Netherlands that has brought so much wealth.

The images on the golden coach also refer to that age. They are written by Nicholas van der Waay in 1891 at the age of 36 when he was appointed professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts.

The side panels depict a “Tribute to the Netherlands and Orange” and “Tribute of the Colonies’. The sidebar “Tribute of the Colonies” activates great resistance from us. On that side are half-naked black men and women who offer their riches to the royal king. In the colonial era and the aftermath of slavery this seemed like a very ordinary picture. Now it reminds us of a horrible period in Dutch history.

The Netherlands are still struggling with the colonial past. Dutch families of the massacre in the Indonesian village Rawagede demand reparations from the Dutch state but they claim the case has expired. Descendants of the enslaved in the Antilles and Suriname asked an apology from the Dutch government, but see the only knowledge institute on Dutch slavery, NiNsee, threatened with closure. Apparently, the most shameful pages of history from the Dutch collective memory must be repressed.

Netherlands could take an example from Australia and the United States of America. In 2008, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd formally apologized to the indigenous Aborigines who were systematically deprived and whose children were taken. Also in 2008 the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution in which apologies were made to black Americans for the period they were treated as slaves and the discriminatory laws under which they had to live deep into the twentieth century. In 2001 during a UN Conference in Durban the Netherlands, “expressed deep regret” over slavery and the colonial past, but never apologized.

The big difference between showing regret and apologize is the fact that the first one comes from one side, and apologies must be accepted by the other party. Netherlands has never apologized, because this could be seen as an admission of guilt and that couldbring forth claims.

We sincerly hope that the Dutch government can come to terms with its national history and just like the Australians and Americans offers a generous apology to the descendants of the Dutch colonial oppression and the violence that sometimes came forth out of it.

Maybe Queen Beatrix, might want to push the government into that direction by removing the panel of “Tribute to the Colonies” of the Golden Coach and place it where it belongs : the Rijksmuseum.