IMF and the flexibilization of slave wages in Curacao and St. Maarten

Yesterday an IMF delegation presented their 2011 Article IV Consultation Discussions: Preliminary Conclusions with the usual rhetoric, cut, reform, kill mantra.

Our people deserve to be informed but first these journalists need to get their financial investigative report hustle on. Very timid. Anti-government media been spinning a Florin devaluation story. Pro-government made no effort to break down the financial reality and solutions and journalistic defiance to inspire the average wo/man to think, analyze differently. Maybe this morning when we wake up we will realize that these programmed Washington DC economists are not gods.

7AM –
Monetary 3 piece
suited bandits on
oligarchic airwaves
plot to make
your broke ass
think you really
have to lower
your standard
of living.
You got a 2010
Porsche Cayenne
My sister friend
got to get up
at 4AM to bathe
her seeds,
make breakfast
take them
to school
by bus.
Banda Bou
But in Ogum
she trust.

They want a
labor market
We desire
the future
petite bourgeoisie
class suicide
Liberalize the
banking sector
That’s peace to
Amilcar Cabral.

the Nouveau’s Riche
IMF never
told you
policies kill?
Go ask
and ’em
My soldiers got
Frantz Fannon
fatiques on and
live by
Shon Cola
Tambu wisdom.
We all
Paulo Freire pugilists
making these
Florin devaluation
devils kiss the canvas.
Konjo bo mama’s spewed
Y’all CAN’T
The exploitation of
a working class nation
IMF -International
Monetary Fampires-
told them jackal
journalists to tell
Central Bank
president dr. Tromp :
Thou shall not dollarize.
A Mangusa filled with
Pedagogy of the
Oppressed peas
last meal antics
for house slaves
thought police
Stop that Dutch
government d*ck
sucking doctrine,
n*gga please…

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